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testaverde practiced on wednesday (so did moore)

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foxhole: qb report

november 7, 2007


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comments from carolina panthers head coach john fox following the team's practice.

on injuries: did not participate: david carr (concussion), keary colbert (foot), otis grigsby (thigh), jordan gross (ankle), justin hartwig (thumb) and steve smith (team decision). vinny testaverde did participate fully in practice as well as matt moore.

on how quarterback vinny testaverde looked: good. i thought both he and matt moore looked good. they had a good practice. it was well executed, and we need to do that again tomorrow.

on quarterback matt moore's progress: he's definitely made progress. he's got talent. a lot of this game is mental, and it's just a matter of him getting acclimated to the offense. he's made good progress& he's capable. he wouldn't be here if talent-wise we didn't think he could do it. we obviously thought well enough of him to claim him after dallas cut him. he's made good progress.

on signing quarterback drew olson to the practice squad: we needed a third guy to quarterback for us, and right now he's on the practice squad. he stepped in and did a pretty good job, in particularly servicing the defense.

on placing linebacker dan morgan on injured reserve: it (achilles tendon) just never improved. it was one of those things where we were going to try the time heals approach, and, ultimately, it wasn't getting any better. so we are going to go to our other options, which may or may not include surgery.

on if beason knowing now that he is the middle linebacker helps: not really. john beason is the kind of guy who's going to do what's best for the team. if it involved moving, he would have been fine with that. i think it's helpful for all of us that he gets to stay at the middle backer, and we're not asking him to do another duty as far as another spot. but he's done a tremendous job in particular for being a rookie.

on if beason is better at middle linebacker than at outside linebacker: he's a good football player either place. he is very capable at either spot. with most positions as you go through, you're trying to do what's best for the team and right now what's best for the team is him in the middle.

on why this is an important game against atlanta: number one it's a division game and number two it's a conference game. at the end of the day when the dust settles, those are always key, so this one won't be any different that way.

on if the panthers have any added confidence because they beat the falcons the first time the two teams played this year: i think it's something both teams look at. i think their team is a little bit different and so is ours. from the standpoint of familiarity, it's good for both sides. as far as does it have any determination, not really.

on if the panthers need to make a statement against the falcons: we're trying to go out there and be the best we can every week. it's worked out four times and it hasn't worked out the other four. we've got to get out of that level of consistency and start moving forward. like all of them, they all count the same. this one is no more important than the ones we've played and this one is no less important than the ones we're about to play.

on running back deshaun foster's success against atlanta: i don't think you can isolate it just to the team. what you did the last time doesn't mean any guarantees about the next time. he's run it good against some people, and we need him to run it again well this week. he ran it well last week; he just didn't get very many opportunities

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