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jamaal anderson has more than he is showing


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here is what i noticed during the game. and for real i have no agenda its just what i saw as the proof of where the rookie is at right now, not where he can be.

he didn't play all that great. if he got double teamed i must have missed it. oh and fyi double teamed doesnt mean that he lines up against a te and a tackle. both need to engage him in blocks for it to be double teamed. many times i saw at te and t line up in front of him, but at best i saw him chipped (not fully engaged) once.

he went up against a rookie selected at the bottom of the first round. (joe staley)

once he had a nice club move he used but fell down. the rest of the time he looked like he wanted to bull rush but didnt have the strenght to get a signifigant push into the back field. i didnt see any counter moves (which i understand are his best moves) i did 3 times see him stunt but he got caught up in congestion in the middle of the field. he looks like he wants to play a similar game as mario williams but doesnt have the power to do so. he has long arms but right now doesnt use them. if he really gets in the weight room and gets some strength he could engage the tackle with his arms extended and get the tackle off base and shove him to one side or the other. right now he is trying to do that but cant keep his arms fully extended, gets chest to chest into the tackle and cannot push him backwards.

the biggest flaw i see in his game is a decided lack of urgency. kerney wasnt really that great but his want to is off the chart. the fact that he kept coming and coming and coming, and wanted more than anything to make it to the qb made him good it was is motor, j.anderson needs to have a simialr motor. if he works in the offseason and wants to be great he very much has the physical capabilites to do so, right now its not there.

honestly i dont see any big difference between c.davis and j.anderson at all right now....

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