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falcons 2 games out of 1st place

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hey guys, we're 2 games out of first place with 4 division games still left and a favorable schedule (other than indy at home). assuming we can squeeze out a win at carolina (which is possible b/c david carr and they can't win at home), and then tampa bay at home (which is winnable), we could be sitting at 4-6 with a 3 game winning streak heading into the thanksgiving game against indy. the standings now are

tampa bay 5-4 wk 10 bye, wk 11 @atl (possible loss)

new orleans 4-4 wk 10 stl (win), wk 11 @hou (potential loss)

carolina 4-4 atl (possible loss), @green bay (loss)

atlanta 2-6 @carolina (possible w), tb (possible win)

the new standings after week 11 could go as

tampa bay 5-5 (1st b/c of earlier win against new orleans)

new orleans 5-5

carolina 4-6

atlanta 4-6

we could be one game out b/c nobody is dominant in this division except new orlens and we have them at home one more time. just being optimistic, not as much of a stretch as it may seems.

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