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the day this team went downhill


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the day when brian finneran went down his first season ending injury. i now what you are saying how can you blame this on finn. at the time we had vick dunn, bad reciever play bad oline and ok defense. when he went down we were short our third down receiver and we had to make a move to get us some depth at that position so we traded away our bam at the rb position tj duckett our biggest red zone threat and who and what did we give up for that we got ashlie lelie from the broncos and they got a draft pick. what did we lose in that deal everything we have neither one of those players and we still don't have finn. and our red zone production last year and this year is horrid i know we have a beat up line but come on we cant get in from 10 yds out. since then we still had to draft a wr sign a wr. i know about our qb but man i wish things were different. i hope we can get things right d-a-m-n

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