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the official....dont trade d. hall thread

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i'm afraid we will have to trade hall.

- he will be a ufa after next season so he can walk and we get nothing for him.

- we won't be able to afford the money he wants unless vick pays back everything and that isn't happening...

so with that said, if we know he's gone after next season and we know we probably aren't making a super bowl run next season, then the best thing to do is get as much as we can for him before he's gone (ie...draft picks).

i agree....but its a nice jersey......ahhhhhhhhman...talk bout bad timing......my wife got it for my b day

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1. hall doesn't want to play for the falcons anymore

2. hall wants more money than nate clements got in sf

3. falcons have too many holes to pay one player that much money

i think he's a good player, maybe a little overrated, definitely not as good as he thinks he is, and his attitude sucks. but whatever. i would want to keep him if he wanted to be here and if his contract demands were close to reasonable. unfortunately neither is the case so he will be gone. i just hope we get something for him instead of letting him walk for nothing. franchise him if we have to

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equal value. i wouldn't trade him under any circumstance unless we can get equal value. the only way this happens is if teams get into a bidding war for him.

having said that, i'd love to see it all work out and him stay here and be happy doing so.

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.....and the next head coach of the falcons in 2009 will still be looking for a cb in free agency and the 2009 nfl draft..

wow... this is becoming real "catty".

who is tough-minded? these guys can't get over hall's comments?

it's seems like excuse to save money, and lose with a young team for the next 2 seasons... real convenient..

they won't get anything of value for hall. maybe, a 1st rounder..

even dumber: there are no cbs that run as fast in the next two nfl drafts...the falcons also have an awful history of signing free agent cbs...free agency period.

pride before the fall... they are about to shoot themselves in the foot again...

don't they know that the same fools that are cheering for hall to be gone, will also be cheering for this staff to be fired (+ mckay) in 1-3 seasons?

you cannot add to this team by constantly subtracting...

they will be drafting the top ncaa cb again in the 2010 nfl draft..

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