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blurb from lenny p's tip sheet notes; norwood & petrino power...

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.....and the next head coach of the falcons in 2009 will still be looking for a cb in free agency and the 2009 nfl draft..

wow... this is becoming real "catty".

who is tough-minded? these guys can't get over hall's comments?

it's seems like excuse to save money, and lose with a young team for the next 2 seasons... real convenient..

they won't get anything of value for hall. maybe, a 1st rounder..

even dumber: there are no cbs that run as fast in the next two nfl drafts...the falcons also have an awful history of signing free agent cbs...free agency period.

pride before the fall... they are about to shoot themselves in the foot again...

don't they know that the same fools that are cheering for hall to be gone, will also be cheering for this staff to be gone (+ mckay) in 1-3 seasons?

you cannot add to this team by constantly subtracting...

they will be drafting the top ncaa cb again in 2010...

exactly! what a lot of the geniuses on this message board are forgetting... we have no leverage in a deangelo hall trade! why would a team give up two 1st rounders for a guy that the entire league knows petrino is too stubborn to keep even though he's the best defensive player on this team? trading hall would only set this team back another 5-8 years, but that's exactly what we keep doing.

addition by subtracting your best players from the team.... how's that work again? blink.gif

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