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nfl tv distribution map

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yeah, i know

it seems kinda messed up that someone 3 hours from atlanta can see the game, but someone in atlanta cannot? i guess it's the nfl's way of encouraging locals around a city to start attending games?

thing is that the blackout rule also pertains to marketable areas and it still could be changed -- when the falcons were stinking it up in the 90s the area around augusta was designated a carolina panther marketable area and i was stuck watching them instead for a few years - then after 98 falcons games were the norm but we are still marketed as a panther area --- i hope that is still in effect so we may be able to bypass the blackout here wink.gif

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i know. it just seems backwards to me that i can see the game, and all the people that live in atl cannot

all this bashing of the falcons, i'm just gonna enjoy the game in the peace and quietness of my little house (and big tv) wink.gif

didn't south ga. miss a falcon game earlier this year? i guess it evens out. i'm happy somebody will be able to watch the game.

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right now 72 miles away

it might be even more than 72 miles. i think if your only fox affiliate is fox5 waga atlanta, you won't get it even if you're 80 miles away. thankfully for us though, we're hundreds of miles away and get our local fox affiliate and atlanta's fox affiliate (atleast i do)! smile.gif

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