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the great champ bailey just got burned

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if hall got burnt that bad we would be calling him to be hung and burned mad.gif

there are a few of us that wouldn't because common sense dictates that no corner is perfect on every snap...

the idiots would only look at those individual snaps instead of the entire game or their seasons as a whole...

i'm willing to bet that the broncos aren't about to release or trade bly and bailey like the ninnies on this board would call for...

and i'm willing to bet that tandem is near the best in the league at preventing big passing plays...

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such great blend of speed and technique. d. hall might be closer to champ than many thought. i told you idiots a while back champ is not as good as everybody thinks he is. he is the best, but the distance between him and no.#2 is almost unnoticeable.

and i can't believe you cats trip like you do!!! blink.gif champ comin' off any injury, like he was in this game, is light years better than dhall!!! rolleyes.gif and everybody, hear me, everybody is gonna get burned...period!!!! you cats need to seriously stop drinkin' the koolaid and put down the madden games!!! laugh.gif it is really ruinin' your real world perception!!!! rolleyes.gif

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for your info, champ was playing with an injured quad. he only practiced once this week.

and hall never plays hurt....every player is hurt every week to some degree.

if you meet a player that isnt ailing in some place then they either are

a)not on the field actually playing

b)is torry holt

c)is lance moore

*the latter two dive and shy away from contact like defenders have the plague.

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