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d hall for c johnson


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the bengals are talking like they want to deal chad johnson. i would love to see that deal. i think it would be even and i like it better than trading hall for 2nd or 3rd round picks.

what good is having a chad johnson when the qb can't get the ball to him and no running game? at least with hall we have a better defense.

keep thinking, mcfly!!!

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no we dont know that.....but did we know brett favre was a star qb...how bout schaub.....i like hall as well but fact to the matter is we gotta get rid of him for something cause as long as bp is here he is not staying at the end of his contract!

i'd rather have two good cb's back there. so if we traded hall i would rather it be for another good cb. wide receiver is the last thing this team needs right now.

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