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we are going to crush the 9ers

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guarentee it....not sure on the spelling...sorry

we're currently a 3.5 point favorite, but that's what vegas says...

let's see if harrington will have more than 1.9 seconds to throw the ball.

let's see if harrington gets rid of the ball after 3.5 to 4 seconds.

let's see if norwood gets more than 6 carries.

let's see if we can generate any pressure on a.smith.

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or gore will have the best game of his career running all over on us...

personally i hope we don't win another game.

we're not going to the playoffs so let's go ahead and start building for the future by getting the best picks that we can.

gore is a 1 year wonder....you should never hope we dont win...as a fan......not winning dosent help us build for the future!!! it just gives us a better draft pick to f u c k up with

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yeah, but if we keep losing, atlanta may not have a team.......i really don't want to see this team go, i think we'll get a good pick regardless, especially if joey keeps playing

may not have a team?!

blank can't move the team for the same reason he can't build a new stadium.

the falcon are married to the ga dome for a few more seasons.... empty or otherwise...

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