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we're playing the san francisco giants this sunday?

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just got around to reading this in my e-mail. i can't believe no one in the organization caught this typo. blink.gif

bye week begins

falcons resting up, focusing on rest of regular season

the atlanta falcons (1-6) will get some time off this weekend as the team enters its bye week.

our players have competed hard," head coach bobby petrino said. "we ve been in every game with the exception of the new york giants game. they are a very good football team. we didn t lack effort or being prepared. they are a well-oiled machine right now and we weren t executing well. this week, we ll practice wednesday and thursday. they ll have the weekend off, which is friday, saturday and sunday. we ll come back and start practicing on monday for our next game. we ll take the normal tuesday off and have our regular week schedule.

then the san francisco giants visit the georgia dome. huh.gif(anyone else notice that?)

look for coverage of the falcons during the bye week on atlantafalcons.com inlcuding a special edition of falconcast where we discuss the first seven games with assistant general manager billy devaney, a recap of what your favorite falcons will do with some time off, video from press gatherings after practice, your weekly dose of college football picks and much more.

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i saw that. i also saw a division by division breakdown a few days ago (yahoo sports i think) and they had for the nfc south:

carolina panthers

new orleans saints

tampa bay bucaneers

there was no mention of the falcons at all, even though they listed all the teams in every other division. i figured i wouldn't mention it since it was from yahoo. but, maybe there's something none of us know.


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