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ajc's wyche says petrino has tremendous power to shape or influence..


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see i would say if anyone was smart they would not place any money (smart or other wise) on anything petrino does. laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

i will not say the norwood needs to start over dunn but warwick sure ain't up to snuff this year..

i will say that so far it sure doesn't look like petrino has a clue to waht he is doing. they are a lot of people who think petrino is going to be great for this team. i think he will be the worst thnig to happen to the falcons ever, only time will tell for sure.

i said if you were forced to place a bet.

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do you know what's interesting?

in 2003 we still finished the year as the #14th rushing team in the league.

so we finished in the top half of the nfl in rushing with bob whitfield, roberto garza(?), mcclure, forney, and weiner...

and this was with doug johnson and kurt kitner as the qb's...

not having vick is no excuse for the way our running game is. also switching blocking schemes is no excuse for the way the running game is now.

if we could finish in the top 15 in '03 with that lineup then there's no excuse for the way things are now...


the common denominator in 2003 and 2007 is warrick dunn. he has to go if the falcons are serious about providing a spark.

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that's the hc's job - to evaluate talent. there was every reason to let them compete for the #2 spot.

not sure about that. i didn't get to see redman play much, but i watched the game that dj got hurt in. and he was playing lights out up until the injury. or at least what i'm used to seeing as "lights out" from the falcons w/he-who. very mobile, and making plays both in the air and on the ground.

btw, if there were no veteran qbs available, does that include testaverde? until yesterday, i gotta say it seemed like the panthers made a good call bringing him in as an alternative to their qb woes. why not testaverde instead of leftwich? (i mean, when it became obvious that we were going to have to sign another one.)

oh yeah, one more thing... we shouldn't get rid of dunn. he's been referred to as our #3 qb in at least one statement from the falcons hc staff. tongue.gif

warrick as our #3 qb -- that will be a disaster .. biggrin.gif

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do you really believe that? its more likely that coach p had more history with redman and felt more comfortable with him. i'd bet that redman won't be here next year and dj will.

shockley was horrible in his first game. i mean baaad. he looked better in his second game, but got hurt. redman played his way to the number 2 spot.

now had shock not gotten hurt, he might be our #2 as of now, but it is what it is.

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petrino played favorites in regards to redman and thought he could get away with at shockley's expense... that selfish move hurt team unity, chemistry and compromised our 2007 season..

exactly, nothing hurts a team more than loosing your 3rd string qb for the season.

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we may not be as bad off as it appears right now. joey has shown

the ability to move the ball on long sustained drives. some of these

have led to field goals and some of the field goals have been missed.

the inability to get more carries to norwood even when he has the

hot hand has been baffling. i don't care if he starts, just get him the

rock enough for us to win. as bad as leftwich looked in his first action

he looked really strong in his first start. he threw deep and with good

accuracy. our receivers returned to catching the ball after taking a

week off. so i can see a rotation. if leftwich could come in and get

a lead then joey could come in and burn clock. leftwich would be

safe on the sideline. it could be a unique trying something like that

but it would keep the defenses from locking in on us. it might help

leftwich to get healthy and stay available. i would like to see us try

rotating them, running norwood and giving a few reps to somebody

at middle linebacker so brooking can be "fresh". nicholas & taylor

could use a few reps. we have been in games just need a formula

to win instead of lose.

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which games have you watched? because i didn't see redman nor dj in any of them. you don't know what your talking about.

they didn't play in preseason?

cuz that's when dj was hurt. since you know so much, surely you know dj wasn't 3rd string behind redman during the regular season when he was out for surgery.

yeah, sure you know that, smart guy.

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if petrino had no intention of putting redman in a game, why even allow him to steal snaps from shockley in the preseason? and if he didn't like shockley, why not go after another veteran qb who has actually played?

redman knew the offense and it allowed the other qb's to see how it works.

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if petrino had no intention of putting redman in a game, why even allow him to steal snaps from shockley in the preseason? and if he didn't like shockley, why not go after another veteran qb who has actually played?

harrington is 24-49 as a starter, but petrino had opportunities to adjust and make the tough decisions and he chose to throw the 2007 season away.

the majority of the o-line that started the season was part of the best running game in the nfl the previous three years. this o-line is struggling, but our main rb isn't a very good runner..

the reason there is such a change int the running game from being the best to one of the worse is not because dunn's a poor runner. it is not because vick's not here anymore either. it's because they changed blocking schemes. the 3 years of good running came under the old blocking scheme. this poor running has come under the new scheme. the o-line was better suited for the old scheme, not this new scheme. the o-line are smaller and faster which is what the old scheme called for. the new scheme calls for bigger and more powerful which our line is not. so stop blaming it on the running back. every one thinks noorwood is better then dunn, well he might be, but he isn't haveing much success too. the only exception was the 1 long run in the giants game and the 1 long run in the saints game. the line were acually able to hold for thoses exceptions. so back to what i was sayying the running problem has come because of a switch to a different blocking scheme that our o-line are not buit for, well except maybe the new guys like baylock that were picked for the new system.

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there is no reasonable explanation as to why dunn is still starting, and it goes beyond his lack of production. shouldn't they try and find out exactly what type of rb norwood is and what type of workload he can handle, before they go out on the market next off-season?

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