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dj shockley is this generation's quincy carter!!!


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i loved dj @ uga man, i was born in athens, ga @ st. mary's and i live in monroe!!! how could i not love the guy!!! and i'm sorry to let my fellow bulldogs down but: he is not and will never be pro-bowl material! sorry guys its true he could be a solid backup but he's not built to be a franchise qb!!!

also, this draft is a goldmine! all u folks talking about woodson, ryan and brohm aren't even aware of guys like dixon, white and josh johnson out of san diego!!! no matter who we pick up it'll take them a while to develop, brohm is a likely choice because it wont take him as long and just because he's played a couple crappy games he's had alot more really good ones. and though the ot spot may look deep it's only a couple of franchise lts in the bunch so our job is to find out who they are and find some way to get them.

we also still need a fs because jimmy williams isn't built for it (sorry but that's the honest to god truth) and an ilb because...c'mon does that even need explanation! our oline is the priority for this offseason but risky free agent pick ups aren't gonna solve the problem truth is forney needs to be replaced before todd mcclure, if you really watch game film you'd know why!

given our draft situation guys like jake long and glen dorsey aren't guys you can really turn down but given our franchise's situation guy's like mcfadden aren't the best investment...especially considering the depth of backs this year. also if deangelo hall is saying what i think he's saying it's time to find his successor asap!!!

in closing, if the fo wants to do themselves a favor they will:

a.) secure dennis dixon in the bottom of the 1st or top of the 2nd. his versatility and upside will bring that vickcitement back to the dome. which will mean continued ticket sales. (blank!)

b.) build the oline around a guy who's gonna be a team leader, be reliable and consistent and a beast!

c.) let the team and the fans know what roll norwood's gonna play 'cause a guy that talented either needs to start or have atleast a quarter of the offensive playbook planned around him.

d.) weed out the weak links and make the veteran players aware of whats needed whats wanted and who can continue to either make plays or mentor our new playmakers for the future.

e.) stop holding your breath. either we got it or we don't so admit any miscalculations or mistakes and find ways to not only correct them but prevent them. (fo!)

lastly, be patient with coach petrino and coach zimmer! they reputation speaks for themselves so lets support 'em!

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if arthur blank really wants to give a hometown dude a job, he should call reggie ball.

tech fans across ga would come out of their parents' basements in celebration. the downside would be that all the star trek conventions around the state would need to reschedule from sun.'s at 1:00pm so the new fans can see the games.

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