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well heres two of the many

the petrino is god side: grady was refusing to take up to ol men and disruptive, setting a bad example to younger players and insubordante

the petrino is an ###### side, also hall is the best side: petrino is a fool of a hc he has know idea of what he is doing, i could be a better hc than him (but ur not btw) grady was a monster dt who was a great leader of our team and petrino was trying to find a scapegoat for us losing 6 games.

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no one knows for sure. but i don't buy the reason the falcons gave.

you people just don't get it do you? rolleyes.gif

you act like you're entitled to know or something. grady might get ######ed off anyway. remember he already has a suit against the team for airing out his business.

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