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the grady issue


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i understand the questioning about this move. grady was apparently doing a good job. however, these coaches don't want to purposely lose. they feel that there will not be a big step downward with trey and montavious at nt. we will see.

before we all get too angry, take into consideration that grady and zimmer may not have been getting along. there could have been a private problem between the two that would be reflected on the field......there was mention that grady would ignore his defensive responsibility from time to time. even grady admitted that he used his veteran savvy to improvise. sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. i could see how a player acting that way could get under the skin of a dc.

why have the coaches not taken questions about grady? if you remember, grady sued the falcons for he alledged they said about him. the last thing anyone in the organization would do is say anything about grady.

after the initial jolt, i am realizing that this is not a big deal. grady jackson does not have a lot of playing time left. it is time to find out what we have on this team going forward. if grady and zimmer did not see eye to eye, then this move makes sense.....let's move on.

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