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brooking dunn crump ?


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i say in this order:




i will shocked if any are on the team next year

well we can't get rid of dunn untill we make sure that joey and chris don't go down because he's our #3 qb as it stands right now.

crump? are you feeling ok? there is no way i get rid of crump ever.

brooking, he's old and gets confused sometimes and that's why he tackled lewis sanders who had reggie bush stopped at the goaline, but after brooking tackled lewis s. reggie bush made the td in the last game.

i say it's time to get rid of joe horn, he's been great for this team this year only if for nothing else to mentor roddy white and michael jenkins, it's obvious this year roddy has really stepped up.

morten anderson is going to need a wheelchair just to get on the field to try and make a field goal pretty soon, i think the only way michael koenen can get better making kicks is to get some experience and this is the perfect time to cut m.a. and get michael koenen a chance to develop in this losing season.

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are we talking during the season?

i dunno how i feel about crump anymore, with him mouthing off, then the resurgence of his "droppies", and this injury that puts him out? is his injury shame? is that what it is?

anyways, dunn was gonna go, new coach or not. i love the guy, he gets some good plays in, but we need someone more consistent.

brooking... adios. i'm surprised he makes it to the game on time, considering every tackle he makes is late. or just about, he just isn't a playmaker. unless he blocks sanders to give bush a td.

if crump plays better, i say keep him. if he keeps coming up with drops, ship him out.

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