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i wonder what lawyer milloy has to say about the grady situation?


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if people think back to what happened with milloy in new england, the situation was a little different but the basic facts were the same. the pats didn't want to pay milloy as much as he wanted for the production he was giving and cut him right before the season started a few years ago. it wasn't very popular with the players and the team tanked its first game that year (coincidently against milloy and his new team, the bills).

one comment that milloy made earlier this year was how simliar petrino was to belichick in some ways. right now he's probably thinking its exactly like that situation all over again... except that petrino hasn't earned as much respect yet with the locker room (as far as the fans can see) as belichick had with the patriots. time (and another season perhaps) will tell if petrino can eventually earn that respect.

but i do wonder what exactly is going through milloy's head right now. he's probably got more insight (and perhaps foresight) into this situation than anyone else on the team would.

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i doubt that. everywhere grady goes he wore out his welcome saints, packers. he plays good for a year or two and thats it he becomes lazy and eats himself out of a job.

lawer milloy is a 1st class pro that does what it takes. even if it's near the end of the line.

he has been a 1st class falcon,to bad he didn't spend his whole carreer here. one of the all time great safetys......................................................................

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