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dont fall in love with any of our players

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dhalls ajc remarks on the grady waiving lead me to think his day are also numbered here. no tears from these eyes. brooking--he's probably toast after this year. he's been a good one for some years but an "oldy but a goody" jsut doesnt cut it in the nfl these days.

dunn--same as brooking

milloy--same as dunn

abe--he better show up, and quick, or he could be out the door for '08

coleman--he's got 1-2 more games max to milk the recovery thing then he's on the hot seat.

finneran--i would like to see him back but prolly not gonna happen. he's gotta be fresh with his 2 year rest!!

horn--50/50 in my book.

weiner/mcclure--screw their new contracts, they shoulda been gone years ago. they are the 2 holdovers and we still suck up front.

forney--guilt by association with weiner/mcclure in my book. hasta lavista!!


crump--that bad knee on such a big athletic frame aint ever gonna be 100%. sorry.

this team could look entirely different in 2008. 1/2 of these guys if not 3/4 could be gone at the end of this year. 2008 is gonna be very interesting.

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as a falcons fan you've addapted to mediocre talent and a losing mentality. once mv7 and a.blank came into the picture i was able to feel a little pride for this team. now after another blow(cutting g.jackson), it's bringing back those same emotions. this is just another mediocre team with out mv7. after his idiotic mistake, how much longer do the fans have to pay for this? we've suffered long enough. yes we've had success, but it's always marred by bad coaching, poor decisons during a superbowl weekend, lack of heart(second half lose to the cowboys in the playoffs), and now dogfighting. this is all some bullshzzzzt! seems as if they are cursed! wtf is goin on?

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