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let the heads roll, cut the whole team, its time to build


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guys, its simple this team is sub-par at best without vick. this is not the first time we have seen how the falcons play without vick. i have no problem if the falcons brass want to shead the skin and go with the youth movement. we are holding on to players who are either past their prime, over rated, never panned out, or bad draft picks.

i believe in the petrino offense, pound the ball the throw it deep. this team can't do neither. this team is a hodge pog of leftovers from dan reves and mora. its time to wake up and realize that deep in the halls behind closed doors this was decided way before the season started. im sure petrino looked at this team and said the nuclious of players have to change. i need young players who will listen, obey, learn the sceems from the ground up and who fit what im trying to do. trust me guys grady will not be the only one who will get the pink slip. i think this needs to happen.

just have faith. i saw the hawks do the same thing and look at them now, yes they stink at the moment but they have a solid nuclious of young players who fit what the team is trying to put on the court. it took some time to rebuild but they are betting on making the playoffs

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