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are we trying to lose?

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i guess if it s not broke you don t have to fix it. that s why bobby boy likes to run dunn up the middle almost every 1st and 10 and 2nd and 10. i mean if you have a player who is consistently getting 1-2 yards a carry why change anything? i guess that s why he hasn t. in the mean time i think it is a great idea to continue to rest norwood who is averaging almost 6 yards a carry. if you are having a lot of success running the ball to the outside with your number 2 back then it is a good idea to do that as little as possible. also, i noticed they went to the shotgun when leftwich was in but went away from it as soon as joey took the field. that s also a great idea because it gives leftwich a chance to look better than joey thus justifying another great decision by bobby. i like bobby s strategy as long as he continues to run dunn up the middle we will never get a first down but it kind of looks like he is trying to when, while secretly he just wants to get this season over with and have the first round draft choice.

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