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foster-acl-done for the year arrrrrrrggggggg


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ouch that is bad, he was playing well. i think the o-line needs to be addressed first before drafting a qb because any qb drafted playing behind this line will just end up a bust from a lack of protection.

i agree kind of, i just want us to handle both at the same time. hey we're talking best case scenario right. haha. i think we do need to take the qb though because you only get so many chances to draft one. but i only say draft one if your going to draft oline and get some fa. otherwise you'd better have a good insurence plan for them.

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as soon as he got injured, i said "i bet it turns out to be acl and out for the year." i hoped to god my intuition was wrong, but it turns out i may have been right...

geez, the injury bug has killed us again this year. when will it end? if kurt quarterman hasnt been recalled, looks like he sure will be soon...

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