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let me preface this by saying that i am big fan of the falcons. it is extremely difficult to watch this garbage we call an offense not get t done. whats more is that they tease you by moving the ball up and down the field until they turn off the lights and play in the dark in the red zone. where do you even begin?

first...no offensive line. and please no one give the crap about how our starters are hurt. they sucked too. harrington or two left(feet)wich cant throw a ball if they have 3 milliseconds to do it. if you watch tom brady you know half of his greatness is his amazing offensive line.

second...no punt returner. has anyone paid attention to the production of adam jennings. redefining absolute zero. so much so they have to put norwood back there which they are better off doing. who on special teams thought he would be better than rossum? relieve that person from their job.

third...the veterans don't like petrino. translation, they wont be back. i will put money on crumpler, brooking, and the like ducking out of here asap now that they know we cant compete. whether you like vick or not, he brought people from around the league that wanted to be on his team. harrington, leftwich, redman. don't sound like guys that will excite any free agents.

fourth...warrick done. i didn't spell it incorrectly by accident. to small, to old, to slow. no line, no holes, no touchdowns, no wins.

fifth...ovie mughelli. who? we paid millions for the invisible man. the guy hardly plays and when he does, petrino has him doing untraditional draw plays? why isn't that guy pounding it into the end zone? no, lets do a sweep to a 32 year old guy who is 5-9 instead. i like those odds. we have last our d_a_m_n_e_d minds.

sixth...the legend that is petrino being an offensive mind. 5 touchdowns in 17 red zone attempts. that is genius. it is genius how someone can figure out how to be that unsuccessful. 7 offensive touchdowns. seven!!!!! what is this guy doing?

seven...defensive backs. am i the only one that is willing to say that deangelo hall is the most overrated player to play his position in the history of the nfl. i have never seen a player that talks so much smack and delivers so little. today i watched him actually push a guy in the middle of the field instead of wrapping him and tackling. just pushed him into one of our players so they would make the play. big mouth. little production. maybe he should cut a hip hop album instead.

eight...the vick fallout. there is less than zero hope, intrigue, or reason to be excited about this team right now which is evident about how these guys are playing. no excuses, these guys should be at least 4 and 3 and they are not. that is a serious problem. i'm sick of excuses. there is always a reason that the falcons are blowing it. how about shut the f_u_c_k up with the excuses and starting winning. period.

i am physically sick to my stomach after watching this game. i will continue to watch, and imagine my stomach will hurt worse as we go through the motions until next year.

thank you micheal vick, for ruining your life, and the life of falcons fans everywhere. actually, we would suck with him too. oh well.

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