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falcons played the better game today.


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the best team did not win today.

i understand this is one **** of a rivalry. i also understand that a w is a w.

but my saints did not deserve this w today.

all they did was lose a spot in next years draft ...........

any team that plays like the falcons do, does not deserve anything. being "close" to winning doesn't mean jack; the better team always wins.

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anybody hear what happened to leftwich, how bad it is etc.

he's faking it ....

he got tired of being blitzed and put on his azz. so he claimed his ankle hurt.

he went out for a few plays, came back on the field (via the cart), saw joey get hit, and just said "f it! i ain't goin' back out there!"

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yeah until ankles went down and bambi came in. oh and when brooking tackled houston, that was great.

i think you mean sanders instead of houston. i couldn't help but laugh when they replayed that. sanders had bush stopped at the goal line and brooking came over and pulled sanders off the tackle. laugh.giflaugh.gif just the way it goes for the falcons. laugh.giflaugh.gif

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