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problem with the falcons

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ok here is the problem with the falcons. first off it starts with vicks trouble (im a big vick fan) that takes him out and enough said about that topic. second off jim moras o-line that was suited to fit vick fast,undersized and athletic for a scrambling quarterback,the o line was perfect for vick now the current quarterback situation it doesent matter if harrington or leftwich is in there. they are both pocket passing quarterbacks and are going to take a lot of sacks due to undersized and weaker scrambling o line and recievers not having time to get down the field. for the pocket passers in harrington and leftwich this is something that we need to deal with for the rest of this season and probably the next this is not patrinos fault or anyones fault it just happens. now for the temporary fix i think we need to use both running backs in norwood and dunn in a lot of plays together such as reverse and screen passes for quick passes and use crumpler in the flats also screens to him as well. the quarter back needs to take more snaps from the shotgun position because he would be further away from the opposing defense thus buying more time to avoid sacks and negative plays at least untill we either draft a scrambling quarterback or revamp the entire o line to suit a pocket passer. tell me what you think???

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i agree with a lot of what you're saying, but i don't know about the ol being "perfect" for anyone. they were solid run-blockers last year because we had the cut blocking scheme which is better for more undersized linemen. in pass blocking they were ######, but the fo didn't bother improving upgrading any positions along the ol because vick could mask their lack of skill.

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