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is petrino coaching for 'next year'?


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here's my problem about the kicker. it's the exact same problem we had at the beginning of last season. and it's the same band-aid solution.

i understand the o-line is going to take some time to fix. and i understand that the staff kind of recognized it.

my problem was that their solution was to sign a full back and act like that was going to fix anything.

another problem i had with that signing was if petrino loves 3-4 wr sets why are you signing a fullback? traditionally in a 3-4 wr set the fullback isn't on the field.

i would have rather of kept griffith than spend the money we did. at least griffith created mismatches and could do a number of things.

is it a coincidence that the farther we get away from the "reeves" players the worse the team gets?

reeves may not have been the best gm but at least his teams didn't quit when they had nothing to lose. they had nothing to play for at the end of '03 but we still won 3-4.

last year they were playing for mora's job and went 0-4.

i don't disagree with anything you said. they are all good points but if you recall mckay set out to sign a free agent offensive lineman or two in the offseason and the price on the open market was too huge for the talent level that was available so he drafted justin and signed ovie to help thinking that vick would be o.k. for another season with a slight improvement. it back fired.

mora and company was able to destroy in 3 years most everything good that dan was able to do as the falcons gm and hc. that was some con job and we could overcome some of those things but couple them with vick's trouble and we don't stand a chance. it changes the whole dynamic of the team.

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