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1st. leftwhich 2nd. redman 3rd. harrington

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huh.gif did you watch the f'n game???? i am so f'n sick of people piling on harrington for things that are not all his fault. horrible o-line, a receiving corp that should be the "crisco crew" and horsesh*t playcalling. the guy tried to show some heart hanging in there after f'n his ankle up. he is trying so hard to make this his team, but sadly i think the coach and fans have written him off. blaming harrington is the easy route for the lesser football minds, but unfortunately he is far from the biggest problem with this franchise atm. the guy plays with heart and wants to win, people expect perfection as if vick was exempt from mistakes. i understand people's frustration, i feel the same way. i just personally feel blaming joey is the easy way out. just my 2 cents....flame away
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