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Falcon Fireman

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i support joey harrington...............period.

that's all i have to say about that.

hey i will agree with you 110%! but only for this year, i can't talk about next season because the falcons still have a lot of games to play this year. if the o-line would start doing better then this team might have a shot given the fact that the nfc south's other teams have stunk it up really bad this season, other than the bucs. i believe in supporting whoever is at qb regardless of the situation.

a lot of people don't remember the media talking about chris chandlers family members getting spit on and stuff throwed at them while in the stands the year after the falcons went to the superbowl because they were screaming for the falcons to start michael vick. hmmm, look how that turned out. and this all started like in the 2nd game of the regular season. you don't boo a qb that took you to the superbowl the previous year in only the second game of a new season and start acting stupid and throwing crap at his family just to start "who was a rookie at the time" that's just plain stupid and wrong.

i will support joey harrington this year no matter what! to not do so is pulling against your own team when he is starting as qb!


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