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Some moron told me that the logo of the Houston Texans was a Falcon, so ofc I just went ahead and used the link at the top of the NFL page.

So yeah, basically I have been a fan of the Atlanta Texans from the day Morten Andersen kicked the snot out of the Vikings ;) :P Actually the Atlanta Falcons was the first team I was introduced to.

I consider myself a fan of the actual team, but I also defend the teams players. I dont think it makes me a player fan (would say so far I have only had 2, Morten Andersen and Lawrence Taylor), but others might disagree. I do, regardless, have 100% faith in the decision making abilities of our FO and coaching staff.

I guess thats why I defend the players.. because if they werent worth defending, they wouldnt be a part of the Atlanta Falcons.

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the true fans here are darth troll, dzor, trudweathers, pencilpusher, swiftkick, capologist, tonsabull, nishka, and the mods.

WOW I must have miss the post that made you the OFFICIAL keeper of TRUE Fans. Think you miss a lot of people some of them properly don't even read the boards does that make them bad fans ???? :blink: :blink: :blink:

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