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  1. Good afternoon beautiful people. It's been too long. I've been meaning to do one of these for the longest buuttt... you know, 2020 and all. But the Falcons left me in a good mood Sunday so here we go. Let me just start off by saying, the first five games or so -- and I don't want to be too hyperbolic about this, but this was some of the sh**iest defense I have ever seen in my life. I don't wanna say they were the worst defense I had ever seen, but I can't think of too many worse off-hand. And the defensive play calling (whoever was doing it) was atrocious. It was a total repeat of l
  2. Been looking back through some All-22 just trying to glean a little more info on our recent uptick, and this jumped out offensively: Matt is really starting to look comfortable again. First two quarters of the season he was really pressing, making uncharacteristic errors, forcing passes. He hasn't completely cleaned up the forced passes, but he's starting to look really comfortable back there again. I can tell by how smoothly he's working through his progressions. Here's a play from the second drive of the game. We're coming off a negative 1st down run, so Dirk dials up somethi
  3. Two weeks in a row... we actually played great defense two weeks in a row. I have no idea if we can keep it going, but who cares, let's enjoy the moment. There was a lot to unpack from Sunday's win. Falcons put some good stuff on tape, but my time is short, so I wanted to take a quick look at a couple of things that jumped out at me. First, and this is a huge one -- a lot of us have been asking what exactly changed with Ulbrich and Raheem Moore taking over the defense, well the biggest one, imo, is the subtle adjustments made to the back end. Let me say this clearly, this is still Da
  4. Greetings, beautiful people, it's been way too long, but finally, the Falcons have given me something interesting to dig into. I've made no secret over the years of my love for defensive football, so you can imagine how rough these past few seasons have been. Every football sensibility I have has been assaulted by these sumbitches in every way, but on Sunday... oh, boy, Sunday was a welcome respite. For ONE AFTERNOON, our defense was everything I ever wanted it to be, and against the Saints, no less. Now there was a whole lot of good football to break down Sunday, but for my own selfis
  5. To everyone who wants to just blitz and stop playing so soft... quiet as kept, you've been getting your wish. 5 man pressure... 5 man pressure... 5 man pressure with a Beasley special... 5 man pressure with a muddy pre-snap look... All it's doing is making it easier on the QB.
  6. Falcons done had me in a little bit of sour mood lately, but it's Thursday. The haze is starting to clear and I'm ready to talk about something positive. The final touchdown from Sunday's game was a thing of beauty from a design perspective. As a lot of you know, the Colts run a ton of Cover-2, and just about every variety there is from the cover-2 with the hard flats, the cover-2 soft squat, cover-2 sink where it plays almost like quarters, etc. They really are about that life. One of my favorite ways to attack Cover-2 is with the smash concept. SMASH - now what is the s
  7. I'm normally the eternal optimist, but these 2019 Falcons are trying me. It's one thing to be a bad football team. I've seen plenty of that. I have no problem just disconnecting and taking it for what it is, but it's another thing to see a talented team get beat because they are their own worst enemy. And that's the long and short of what I saw Sunday. The Colts didn't come out and throw a whole bunch of unscouted looks at us; they were doing basic stuff that we should have been able to neutralize if we had just executed our fundamentals the way we did the week before vs. Philly. I d
  8. Greetings all. It's been too long my friends. I was meaning to do one of these last week, but after the opening weekend dumpster fire, I couldn't bring myself to look at that game against the Vikings again without feeling to need to vomit. Mercifully, this week was different. Don't you just love a victory Monday? You don't feel like kicking the dog, annoying kids seem cute, food taste better. Life is just a little better coming off a W. With all that out the way, I wasn't in love with everything I saw last night from Dirk and offense, and I'm still angling to try to see what we hang
  9. Rico Allen has been something of polarizing topic around these parts for quite some time. I'll admit there were even times when I felt we could take him or leave him, but when you are running a single high defense, you NEED to have a free safety out there who can cover up the defense's shortcomings and the problem with evaluating a free safety is most of the time, what they do doesn't show up on the stat sheet, and there can be entire games where he'll do his job perfectly, but it'll look to the casual view like he didn't do anything because no action came his way. That has long been t
  10. ***Mods, I know this is an article about the SB between the Pats and the Rams, but at it's essence it's about football and I think it applies to the Falcons. Given it's the offseason and things will be fairly slower, please don't move this unless nobody reads/interacts. Now that that is out of the way, Matt Waldman is one of my favorite Twitter follows when it comes to breaking down film and digging into the game of football. He's smart and understands it and knows how to give it to the casual fan so they can truly digest the game. He sat down with one of the contributors to his site and
  11. There are some misconceptions that are continuing to permeate around the board on just now much zone vs. man that we play; also how much we do and don't blitz. I went back and looked at every passing play of the last game and counted them up for everyone just so we can see it all laid out. For some reason people get to thinking that every time an offense begins to move the ball on us, we somehow went prevent or soft zone. Not true, so I've done a drive-by-drive description of what coverage we were in. Note, I only did this for passing plays and I didn't go too deep on how much nickel
  12. I'm just gonna post the visual evidence. Not a whole lot of elaboration needed. This one's for the ones who contend that no one was schemed open last night. 3rd and Goal, 1st quarter. Sark dials up a spacing concept, good in short yardage. Instead of a flat route by the #3 receiver, he has #1 Julio running an out which draws double coverage, stretching the defense horizontally in the end zone, theoretically creating space underneath. Eagles played a lot of man down near the goal line. This is an ideal call out of bunch, which is designed to create space against one on one cov
  13. Greetings all! Hope all of my Falcon bretheren, and sisters are having a safe and happy summer. I know I am, but it's that time of year and I'm starting to get that itch -- no, not the kind I need to go to a clinic for -- but the kind that can only be satiated by watching full grown men knock the ever-lovin' sh** out of one another, so here I am. Now it's not very often I find something in a preseason game worth getting excited over, but I caught a nice little wrinkle Saturday and I wanted to discuss it a bit. It's called PUSH. As all of you know, DQ and MM looooove their man covera
  14. Let's talk about perception vs. reality. Thread title explains it all. I'm just going to post gifs and keep the talking to a minimum. Ya'll can see what's going on for yourselfs. vs. Detroit ...saw the Lions were tilting coverage to Julio. Called a switch concept that left Gabriel one on on while the free safety jumped on Julio to help the corner. "Sark just calls plays. He doesn't set anything up." -- this play comes right after an outside zone. Falcons were starting to run the ball. Shows another stretch play and... ...kne
  15. Let me start off by saying that the last play of our season that has been much poured over the past week, it works... I've seen it work... we've seen this team make it work. I've seen championships won with similar concepts. Still, with all that being said, I've never been a fan of that call -- just my own personal taste I don't like cutting the field in half right there because you're limiting your options and you're making it easy on the defese. To me, there are just more attractive options right there, and in my own hypthetical world, I reference back to a couple of plays that really stu
  16. Good Friday all, I hope your day is going as well as mine. It's cold and overcast where I'm at but feels like a fresh spring day to me. Funny how a win'll do that for you, albeit not the most aesthetically pleasing. Saw a fair amount of bad football last night, coaching too, but man was there a lot of good out there. And I do mean good. It's been a while since I've felt ampted enough to do one of these, but as someone who reveres defensive football, last night's game warmed my cockles, because I despite the numbers, I have had some real issues with this unit for most of the season.
  17. Offensive linemen generally don't get a lot of love when they're doing right, but they sure do catch it when they're messing up. So, I wanted to take a look a play stood out to me. Now I have not been in love with the way this offensive line has played this year, and it's been a little bit of everyone who has taken turns being the problem. But they were Gods in pass protection Monday night... (not so much the run game), but everything in pass pro was on point. They were picking up pressures, passing off stunts, the whole deal. I want to take a look at this play from the 1st quarter, n
  18. Count me in the group that thinks that the defense has played well this season. Now I have high expectations for this unit, but also realistic ones. I think they have clearly taken a step. I think they have kept this team in some games while the offense was figuring some things out, but Monday... ... it felt like one step forward, two steps back. Hopefully we're all still flushed with the joy of victory, a great victory in a tough place to play, but there was a lot wrong with that defensive performance Monday night from communication, to missed reads, to just poor fundamentals. I wann
  19. Ok, every now and again run across a play allows me to clearly illustrate what the quarterback is seeing and reading on any given play. I hit on a few route concepts earlier in the year -- in fact I think I hit on this one -- but we love football, right, so let's go over it again. Both teams Monday night ran a lot of what's known as the sticks concept. It's perfect against Cover-3 and it can give any type of man problems, also. But it really wreaks havoc on Cover-3. Basically, what it is, is this: you're going to have two receivers to one side. The outside most receiver is goin
  20. Good evening to all. Hope everyone's had a productive week. Been busy, it's been a while since I had the time to post one of these, but I felt a little inspired by last Sunday's game vs. the Cowboys. I wanted to take a look at a few plays from that game that highlighted the continued evolution of the offense. The Cowboys run a relatively simple defens (so does our next opponent, too, btw). You kind of know exactly where they are going to be down in and down out, even though Marineli runs a slightly more aggressive and multiple version of the Tampa 2. Now the advantage to running a si
  21. For those who are interested, I decided to round up a few articles that go over in-depth on the Carolina Panthers that some of you may enjoy. I'll post samples from said articles here as well. For those who aren't, feel free to ignore. It's rather lengthy anyways. Defense: https://www.catscratchreader.com/2017/11/2/16593506/carolina-panthers-atlanta-falcons-defense-preview-not-marty-hurney-or-kelvin-benjamin The Panthers defense has now held their opponent without a touchdown in four out of eight games this season. That’s almost half! They have won almost all of those games
  22. Okay, it has been quite a week around here with our second straight loss. We're not quite in full meltdown mode, but there is a palpable sense of dread, especially with regards to the offense and one Stephen Ambrose Sarkisian. Well I am not here to allay anyone's fears or talk anyone into anything, but I'm just going to post up a few plays that jumped out to me that I really liked and I think demonstrated a high level of offensive acumen with regards to playcalling. And I thought it might be kind of fun for us to take a look at some base route concepts so you can kind of get into the mind o
  23. I had more or less calmed down after yesterday's debacle, then I went to take a second look at some of the breakdowns that lead to the collapse and I got heated all over again. Since yesterday afternoon I have seen thread after thread pop up trying to peg just what has been going wrong with 2017's Falcons -- everything from leadership, to coordinators, to disinterest. That's normal. Folks get angry, frustrated, they want that anger and frustration to go somewhere. They need something to hang it on. Well the answer is at once simple and complex. There are a myriad of things going wrong ri
  24. Devonta Freeman isn't going to get enough touches in this offense -- especially with Teco -- this season to warrant being in the discussion for league MVP. Not saying that's a bad thing at all; it just is what it is. But through three games so far, I believe that he has been the best, most consistent performer on the offense. He's gotten tough yards, he's blocked, caught passes. Against Detroit, every time the offense needed to steady itself and get back on track, there was Free... again and again. I had an idea for series of "quick look" threads if you will to highlight some key pla
  25. @kiwifalcon, you asked me for a breakdown of Detroit's touchdown in Deion, here you go. I have to say, this play wound up being trickier than I thought it would be. Falcons look like they were in Cover-3. Looked like a sky call to me. For a moment I thought it might have been Mable, but Tru is playing too far off. At any rate, I drew up the assignments, which correspond to the standard Cover-3 Sky call. Sky, for anyone wondering, simply means that the safety is going to be the force defender if there is a run, which means he is going to be playing flat vs. pass. If it were a Buz
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