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Found 1 result

  1. Here are my personal thoughts on this article. The pocket passer is never going away. It will need to evolve. Defensive athletes become increasingly faster, you're going to need to counteract that will either faster players or faster thinking players. With regards to football it is my opinion that it is easier to find athletic ability than intelligence. QBs are going to be forced to be able to mobile enough to extend plays, or diagnose the defense a lot quicker pre-snap. This is why scheme is super important in the NFL, and why Brady and Brees are so dominant despite their lack of mobility. The can diagnose plays quickly and have a scheme that is potent. Finding this combination is rare. As you get closer to the intellect side, you have players like Manning who was basically Professor X in a Colts uniform. All that being said, mobility is starting to become just as important. You see the playoffs this year and it is packed with mobile QBs (Wilson, Allen, Watson, Mahomes). Then you have Lamar Jackson who I feel is a running QB, and he is absolutely dangerous. A lot of their success is their ability to extend plays when the scheme breaks down. The further you go in each direction, I think you're going to start finding a merger of different areas/positions of football. On the extreme you have a Manning type that was a merger of QB/OC and in Jackson's case a merger between QB/RB. Both are play makers, and both can be game changers in their own unique way.