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Found 1 result

  1. I have come to a conclusion that it is time to make a drastic change with our entire coaching staff. The main reason I have come to this conclusion is because our team is soft and doesnt play with passion or aggressiveness. We take what is given to us as opposed to taking what we want and dicating what we want to do. We have had a problem with talent development especially with the Dline. I think it really starts with Coach Smith because we have not had much change in production between coordinators. Koetter cannot figure out how to make this offensive production regarding our run game. Nolan cant figure out home to scheme a 3rd down stop and how to consistently create pressure on the QB. This sounds like repetitive problems that we continue to have regardless of the players that we have had on our team. I thought I would be ok with new coordinators but I think we are having a trickle down effect to our coordinators and it starts at the top = Coach Smith. I think I am really disappointed because I have been a fan for 20 years and besides 1998 have never felt this close to a championship. I was super excited about this season but with a harder schedule and no real improvement in our areas of weakness, we have been exposed. I hope that TD and Arthur Blank have the balls to make the bold moves to try and help us win a championship in my lifetime and in FFS1970's Lifetime. I am tired of the same ole crap from these Atlanta teams especially the Falcons. I am tired of getting my hopes up only to be letdown and then making excuses to justify my optimisim. I want to win and I want a dominate team and I dont think we can have that with our Coaching Staff. Just a Day in the Mind of Jaymadd
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