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Found 1 result

  1. Preseason is one of those things I hate to watch ever since MV7 got tackled from behind by the Ravens and our hopeful season when down the drain. This year I will be watching and re-watching with the coaches clicker and he's why: 1. O-Line - There is no preseason for O-Line and D-Line. When you line up 12 inches from someone in a 3 point stance, there is no pre-season. Every snap is the real-deal and a battle. Add to that our Rooks and new FA's have something to prove. Add to that our O-Line has something to prove. Yes the Defenses will not be blitz happy, but they will be playing full speed and we should get a good first look at some basic math of can our O-Line push their D-Line backwards, open holes for RB and build a brick pocket for MR2. If they look great in Preseason, it doesn't mean they will be great in regular season, but the opposite is true... if they look like trash and get pushed into the backfield in preseason; we can go ahead and hit the panic button or pull the ejection handle. 2. DB's - Another position where there is no preseason. The opponents Offense will throw the ball and our DB's will be covering and tackling. I'm eager to see what Oliver looks like this season and also what Kendall Sheffield and Jordan Miller's game speed looks like on the field against NFL calibre competition. After the injuries last year, I want to see how KONeil and Rico look on the field. I'm also eager to see what the new DB nickel lineup looks like together (Tru/Oliver, Rico/KONeil, Kazee) 3. RB Depth - I'm eager to see Q Ollison tote the rock. I've heard great things, but when I watch his highlights, I don't see him trucking ppl like I expected based on the scouting reports. Again, everyone says he will/can be that 'big back' for short yardage, so I'll be watching to see how he looks. 4. John Cominsky - Everybody seems high on him, Yes he's a hard worker and athletic, but can he fight through an NFL Tackle to make a get pressure/sack or can he even hold the line against an OT, TE and/or FB on a run play? Will you be watching? If so, what and who will you be watching for?