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Found 7 results

  1. As I sat back and thought about it- I came to the conclusion that some members on here were spot on about our need at DT. The more I think about it the more I think it is the biggest hole on the entire D. We have Grady, who is a stud. Poe has a 50/50 shot of staying here, so that is what it is. We will get Crawford and Shelby back(even though they are left DE's that have the ability to move to DT on certain downs when needed. Upshaw is a UFA. Rubin is 31 and a UFA. Then we have two young guys singed to Futures contract: Joey Ivie out of Florida(was a 7th round pick by the Cowboys last year- has some interesting tape), and Taniela Tupou a DT out of Uni. of Wash. So as of right now we have one true DT and Two DE who can play some DT and two DTs that haven't play any NFL minutes. Needless to say we will bring in some vet help and/or draft a DT in the first 3 rounds this year. Now depending on what type of DT you are looking for, one could be had later in the draft that could be everything you want. I think we should look for another stud to put next to Grady- even if we do resign Poe. We did grab Grady in the 5th but he was graded as high as a 2nd rounder but fell because of size concern... smh. My top guy- Vita Vea- will not be there at 26. I think as we get closer to the draft these DT's will be a reason why guys like OG Wynn and TE Andrews will fall to 26(and possibly the 2nd round 26- with Andrews). With that said here are MY top DT's in this here draft! 1. Da'ron Payne : This guy is strong, not Vita Vea strong but strong. He has great hustle and played nose tackle for the Tide. Has the size(6'2 on paper but i'd give him 6'3 easy and 310lbs) and quickness to contribute in the run game from day one. One on One block rarely beats him. If we had Poe and this kid next to each other on goal line plays- good luck running it. If OG Wynn and Payne are sitting there at 26... now that is one tough call, but I would probably go with Payne... na' OG Wynn...nope it's Payne... ahhh! 2. Tim Settle: This is where is differ from alot of the talking heads. Most would have Hurst here or the kid from Stanford or the kid from FL St. Not me and I will tell you why. Size. He plays nose tackle at 330 but has almost as good a first step as Hurst IMO... ok that might be a stretch but its still a solid first step. I firmly believe that if Settle was two inches taller he'd be a 2nd rounder- maybe a first rounder. Sound familiar?!? He plays with drive and isn't afraid to stick his nose between guards and centers- he goes and gets it. Almost demanding attention. Great swim move and the drives thru with his legs- really impressive for a guy 6'3- 320lbs+. Oh and he is only 20 years old. One knock if seen on him is ability to anchor properly- but with his size I think this is something that can be taught. I wouldn't mind if Payne was gone so we can get this guy in the third, but I think by the time the draft comes around he could sneak into the 2nd. But hey what do I know he could be there in the 4th too if he stays where he is currently ranked by the talking heads 3. Maurice Hurst: Real recognize real. As much as I wanted to rank him lower in my book- I couldn't deny it after watching tape. This guys get off would make DE's blush. Even when he reads run he is quick off the snap and gets to the POC first which helps him because he isn't the strongest DT in this draft. His stop and go ability is top notch and his change of direction to kick out and chase down a screen is also top notch. I think it is possible for Hurst to be drafted BEFORE Payne- if not, then probably right after him. I know I compared Settle to Grady but Hurst is the one that really reminds me of Grady. Height and wieght "issues"(6'2 under 290lbs), but have super high ceilings. 4. Taven Bryan: Another guy that will get his name called before Tim Settle and for good reason I suppose. He is raw as a DT and may be more suited to play and DE in a 3-4(what do you think?) Had his break out year this past season and showed flashes of a seriously good DT. To me, I have seen too many guys with that tag line coming out only to become a decent player. At 6'4 and 295lbs- he has the size that people would want. Has a solid motor and hustles. Great explosion off snap and solid hands to get off blocks. Like i said before he could turn out the be one of the better players in this draft. A day two pick. If we brought Poe back I wouldn't mind him in the 2nd... that is if he is still there. 5. Rasheem Green: This guy is interesting, Just like Taven Bryan- he has the shape that may be more suited for 3-4 DE or a LDE in a base 4-3 and then kick in on occasion. Kind of like Jack Crawford. Watching his tape you can tell he hasn't quite tapped into his full potential. Doesn't seem as strong as Bryan, but doesn't mean he won't be one day. Both he and Bryan would benefit if the team they go too has an established NT to play next too IMO. I'm not sure how much weight Green can put on and still keep his game on the same path. However I can see this kid becoming a very good pro at some point. Honorable Mentions: 6. Trent Thompson 7. RJ McIntosh
  2. Alright lets start off with this: Andy Levitre is slated to make 7 mil this season and a cap hit of 8 mil. If we cut him this season we have 1 mil in dead money(check my facts because I may have not read Spotrac correctly http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/andy-levitre-5506/ ). He is a free agent after this season, so we could just let him play out this season and move on next year, but will the FA Guards next year be as good as the ones I will mention later are? Levitre is 31 years old. In OG world that isn't old old but still(look at Alex Mac, but Mack is worth every penny in my book- thus my point). My argument is that we could put that money towards a guy like Andrew Norwell (G, Panthers. Age: 26) or Justin Pugh (G/OT, Giants. Age: 28) and then draft an OG as well. I'm just not sold on Garland or Wes Schweitzer as the answer to OG(as depth and spot starting?.. sure, but not long term). So with that said lets get into MY top Offensive Guards in this here draft! Note: The kid out of ND will be picked before our pick so I am not including him for that reason. Also, I am aware that there are some guards projected to move to tackle in the NFL(such as Braden Smith from Auburn ) and blah blah blah, so keep that in mind. 1. Isaiah Wynn: Ok Say what you must about UGA and their fans on this board, but this kid can play. Is he the strongest guy- no, but he is a technician. He just knows how to play. Watch Senior Bowl practices and you'll see what I mean. Plus he can kick outside if we need him too. I wouldn't mind taking him in the 1st especially if Vita Vea is off the board. 2. Will Hernandez: He is getting a lot of hype right now and I guess you can say that he deserves it. He is the most decorated OL from UTEP ever. He has a ton of power and surprisingly good feet. He does have some issues taking false steps and losing his base sometimes. However when he gets his hands on you- 8 out of 10 times you are done. Pure Guard- so a lot of pressure to perform well out the gate. Will be a soild pro in the right system IMO. 3. Frank Ragnow: This guy is slowly moving up my board. The more I watch him, the more I want to see him at the combine. Center by trade but has amazing speed for a guy his size. 6'5 and 317lbs. If we draft him to play guard and back up center- he could learn from Mack until Mack hangs them up. I might have to battle for the OG spot, because he might need some time to get OG under his belt, but his long term ceiling is high. Could be a steal in this draft. My only worry is his strength at the next level. 4. Will Clapp: Same as Ragnow, played this past season as a Center, but played Guard before that(that's why the tape is from 2016 with him as a guard). Has impressive speed for OG, also can pull nicely. I think he is more of a plug and play(right now) at OG than Ragnow, but his long term ceiling isn't as high in my book. He might just stick to being a Center, but who knows. 5. Billy Price: I know a lot of people on this board are a lot higher on Price than I am and I get it, but he just isn't my first choice. I like him at center but I don't think he is fluid enough for OG in our scheme. I wouldn't be mad if he was a pick but I rather have the other guys first. 6. Wyatt Teller: This is my "homer" pick. Are there better OG than him? yeah, but after watching him- he reminds me of Havery Dahl. A guard we had back when Ryan was a rookie. He plays hard every snap and gets after it. He would be a slight project but I still think he is NFL material. He would be my late draft pick if we were waiting till late in the draft to grab a guard.
  3. A little fun with three weeks left to play. The teams still vying for the playoffs (realistically) in the NFC are: - Philadelphia (11-2) [@NYG, vs OAK, vs DAL] - Minnesota (10-3) [vs CIN, @GB, vs CHI] - NO (9-4) [vs NYJ, vs ATL, @TB] - LAR (9-4) [@SEA, @TEN. vs SF] - Carolina (9-4) [vs GB, vs TB, @ATL] - Atlanta (8-5) [@TB, @NO, vs CAR] - Seattle (8-5) [vs LAR, @DAL, vs ARI] - Green Bay (7-6) [@CAR, vs MIN, @DET] - Detroit (7-6) [vs CHI, @CIN, vs GB] - Dallas (7-6) [@OAK, vs SEA, @PHI] Personally, this is my prediction on how it plays out: 1. Philadelphia (14-2) 2. Minnesota (12-4) 3. New Orleans (12-4) 4. Los Angeles Rams (11-5) 5. Atlanta (10-6) 6. Green Bay (10-6) Rest - Carolina (10-6), Seattle (10-6), Detroit (9-7), Dallas (8-8) Green Bay would have to win out and they have a rough last three games, but if Aaron Rodgers comes back, I could see them getting in. The game against Carolina they have this week is huge, because it could result in Carolina on the outside looking in then if we beat them week 17. If Carolina wins this week, would put them in the 5 seed and send us to the 6 seed. Who ya got?
  4. For our benefit go Eagles, Ravens, Chiefs, Lions, Redskins
  5. Mbu looked good last preseason and made the roster. At 6'3 310 he is stout and should compete for time at NT. Mayes had a good career at UGA. If I'm not mistaken he had the highest rep amongst the DL in the bench press in this years NFL combine. Run stuffer and good at the point of attack Babs,Jackson,Jarrett,Hage,and occasionally Shelby round out the DL rotation except a true NT??? I think Mayes beats Mbu....who ya got
  6. QB: FB: RB: WR1: WR2: TE: C: RG: LG: RT: LT: RDE: LDE: RDT: LDT: MLB: OLB1: OLB2: CB1: CB2: SS: FS:
  7. Ok, obviously yesterday was a "win" for our fine-feathered friends in flowery branch (say that 5 times quickly). There should be little doubt now that we are fully implementing the base 3-4 defense. Obviously we will run multiple looks (we do still have Babs/Peters after all) but we are emphasizing the 3-4. I think still need the following: OLB/Passrusher - some of our D-Ends will now be tasked with playing this position (LEO, whatever). (think D. Ware/C. Matthews) ILB - these guys have a little more responsibility in the passing game than a 4-3 MLB and you generally want them to be a little bigger as well (think P. Willis/N. Bowman) NT - we have our starter in Soliai but he is 30 and might only see 2-3 years of that 5 year contract. Also he could get hurt and we don't have an adequate backup. (think P. Soliai/V. Wilfork) 5 Technique DE - we have T. Jackson who is a decent run-stuffer at this position but no pass-rush. we have Babineaux who I really don't think he fits at this position and we have little else - we need a 6'5" 300+ pounder here (think JJ Watt/J. Smith) While we are off to a good start, we need more of all of the above positions. I don't think we have a pure 3-4OLB on the entire roster right now. While Worrilow is a good 4-3 MLB and will do fine in a 3-4 - I think we need an upgrade there as well. Malliciah Goodman could grow into being a good 5 technique as he has the length but needs to get bigger/stronger. With an eye on the above - here are players in 2014 NFL draft that we may or may not have been looking at before when we were more 4-3 Leo/Hybrid (whatever) and now that we are in a 3-4, these are players that will fit the 3-4: OLB/Passrusher: Jadeveon Clowney, S. Carolina - (top 10) Khalil Mack, Buffalo (top 10) Anthony Barr, UCLA (mid 1st) Dee Ford, Auburn (late 1st) Ryan Shazier, Ohio State (late 1st/early 2nd) Kyle Van Noy, BYU (mid 2nd/mid 3rd) Jeremiah Attochu, Georgia Tech (late 2nd/mid 3rd) Trent Murphy, Stanford (2nd) Inside Linebacker: C.J. Mosely, Alabama (mid-to-late/1st) Yawin Smallwood, Connecticut (3rd/4th) Shayne Skov, Stanford (4th) Chris Borland, Wisconsin (3rd/4th) Lamin Barrow, LSU (5th-6th) Max Bulloch, Michigan State (6th-UDFA) Andrew Jackson, Western Kentucky (6th-UDFA) DeDe Lattimore, South Florida (6th-UDFA) Nose Tackle: Louis Nix (mid-to-late 1st) Daquan Jones (3rd) Justin Ellis (3rd/4th) DeAndre Coleman (5th-7th) Ryan Carrethers (6th-7th) Zach Kerr (6th-7th) ​ 5 Technique DE: Ra'Shead Hageman, Minnesota (mid-to-late 1st) Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame (late 1st-early 3rd) Daniel McCullers, Tennessee (4th/5th) Josh Mauro, Stanford (5th/6th) Ed Stinson, Alabama (6th-UDFA) Jeffery Pagan, Alabama (6th-UDFA) Taylor Hart, Oregon (6th-UDFA) Zach Moore, Concordia (6th-UDFA) Anybody catching your eye other than the ol' standbys that we would take early? I like the ones in "red" Did I miss anybody?
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