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Found 1 result

  1. This is the year we are all in, Tony G, SJax--looking like the corner position will be ok All this stuff about Bierman Manponga or Goodman blowing up the other end is just a bunch of crap isn't it TD & coach Smith? What I am saying is, and this is not another Abe thread, the Sh!t your selling about a rookie competing for and winning the other DE spot is garbage. Beirman is doing about what we expected--average rush average dropping back into coverage. Everyone knows we are poor compared to other teams at getting to the QB (4th fewest sacks-in NFL last year only Tampa Bay Jax & Chiefs had fewer). Why do we have 7 mil. in cap unused??? Are we signing someone on the waiver wire next week? Why are we going into a season that was supposed to be "take no prisioners" with another below average pass rush?? We were 28th in sacks last year---is that ok? Least I remind you we play Brees and Newton twice amoung others Brady, Russell and RGIII---Whats the plan guys. Supposedly your the professionals yet to fix our pass rush which has been anemic for a few years (thank goodness we had Abe). What do you have aginst 2 good DE's instead of 1 good one and a bunch of hot garbage? Don't make talk about the linebackers too--with Nichalos banged up and Dent just being average? I'm waiting to see if this kid Paul Warrilow is as good as he is playing
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