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Found 1 result

  1. First of all, before you say "OMG WE LOST TO DA CHARGERS WTF THEY SUCK!" actually look at the situation. The Chargers were 2-4 coming into this game, last in their division but they're not that bad at all. It's easy to pull the "Falcons lost to a 2-4 team therefore the Falcons are bad" but to actually analyze the situation, you'll see the Falcons shot themselves in the foot every single time. Holding penalties, no PI being called (again), getting picked apart by Rivers because the LBs are eyeing the QB instead of getting to their zones. It was obvious that there was an overall lack of discipline on the field, and luck was not on our side at all. We beat the brakes off Denver, went toe-to-toe with Seattle and lost to Tampa/Chargers. Look, I understand everyone is emotional, but it's obvious that this team is capable of beating anyone, while also vulnerable to an unlucky loss from anyone. Let's not forget this is the same team most of projected 8-8 as a reasonable record for. Deion Jones had some great plays, but him and Campbell proved that their still rookies and have a lot to learn. Campbell gave up the first TD because he got caught inside when he's supposed to be a peel player, resulting in a TD. Deion Jones gives up a huge 3rd down conversion because he drifts away from Antonio Gates because he's eyeing the QB. Campbell made the same mistake several times, resulting in multiple 3rd down conversions and extended drives. THE CHARGERS ARE NOT A BAD TEAM BY ANY STRETCH OF THE WORD AND THE PEOPLE THAT WERE PREDICTING A BLOWOUT WERE AND STILL ARE IDIOTS. If you actually look at the stat sheet, this team has a great roster with a lot of depth, talent, an all-time SD great in Phillip Rivers, and all you guys did all week was underrate them. They were a sleeper team, and now all of you emotional over the loss. We're 4-3 after games against Oakland, Denver, Seattle, Carolina, Tampa and San Diego. If I told you that was gonna be our record after the first 7 weeks before the season started, every single one of you would have been happy with it. On top of that, every single one of us know that we SHOULD be 5-2 because that Seattle loss was some #######. Unfortunately, now that we all have unreasonably high expectations (the defense is still a work in progress) all of you are acting like the sky has fallen because we lost two straight. Here's something to wake you up: Minnesota(1st seed) got crushed by Philly today. Pittsburgh (With Big Ben) lost to Miami and got killed by Philadelphia. Good teams aren't defined by bad games, they're defined by how they overcome adversity. Get out of your feelings and stop worrying about power rankings.
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