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Found 11 results

  1. Rarely do teams lose for one reason only, but most times you can point to a major theme that caused a loss. This is never more true than when discussing 2 teams that are very evenly matched. The Vikings are just a 1 point favorite when accounting for location against our Falcons. I'm expecting a tough, hard fought game from the outset, but believe the Falcons can pull this one out. I think it will come down to our CBs vs what many consider the best Wide Receiver duo in the league in Adam Theilin and Stefan Diggs. I feel confident in Trufant to competently cover either guy. If I hav
  2. Week 1 is here in Minneapolis, where this Falcons fan lives. I've been here for less than a year, and have been itching to get into U.S. Bank Stadium. I figured the Falcons wouldn't be here until 2020, so I'd have time to save up for a good seat--create an experience for myself, you know? My assumption, though, is that an away game this season means a home game next season when the Falcons play the NFC North. 2020 would've been enough time to raise the fundage for a lower level visitors' side seat. No way I can do it in less than five months, though. Oh well, just venting. Excited for
  3. Hey so I am getting married Saturday and should have family and friends in town. Should I watch the game at home or go watch the game somewhere say a brewery like 6 rivers for those in humboldt county?
  4. I didn't think much about the fourth down play until Quinn's breakdown: Dan Quinn's Film Breakdown Week 1 This is a neat little trick that can go a long ways in our man coverage look: Upshaw and Shelby in the 5-Tech push up field and watch inside to keep the QB on the track loop that the LEOs Tak, Vick and Brooks are running, wow... I want to see more of this! Even if the RB stays home and blocks, the LB covering him becomes a rush option. Imagine how more quickly the sack occurs if Poe or Jarrett beats their man?...do you see where this could go? May it be in the cards against
  5. I finally got some time to re watch the game last night and went ahead and wrote down a few random observations. Matt Ryan was noticeably more comfortable than the majority of games we saw last year. I noticed that he wasn't rushing to get his feet set at the very last moment before releasing the ball. This is something I'll be paying very close attention to throughout the season. This small yet monumentally critical factor will be crucial to the entire team's success. I still think Ryan is capable of much better. That shuffle pass in the red zone late in the first half was somewh
  6. http://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2016&wk=1 heres the link to week 1. Maps will officially post tomorrow. Looks like we have diehl and Rosen
  7. Mark Ingram Vs Paul Worrilow. Both players have alot to prove. Both have had a great off season, and productive pre season. Now, its time... Ingram is showing that powerful, Alabama type running back the Saints hoped for when they drafted him. I honestly think he is going to have a great season. Worrilow has put on some muscle, is in his 2nd yr of our scheme, and is the signal caller on defense. The Falcons have been very vocal about their desire, and need to stop the run. While the chatter picks up about certain match-ups and scenarios, one key battle to watch on sunday.... Mark Ingram vs Pau
  8. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/injury-report.html
  9. As a die hard Falcons fan for many years, Ive learned to roll with the good and bad. The good and bad times, and good and bad players. Sometimes Ive been wrong and judged a player too quickly, only to have him turn it around and prove the doubters wrong. Now, on to Lamar Holmes. This is only his 2nd year, and I understand that he needs to be coached up and is still "Raw". However, going into Week 1... Im not sure he is the best RT on our roster. Forget getting a player in FA, I would argue that rookie Ryan Schraeder has beaten Holmes out at RT. We open the season, on the road, in a huge divi
  10. Ok, Im a fan of Snelling. I love my Falcons. I like the way we keep things "In House". We treat things like a close family would or should do. However, I havent heard anything...repeat, anything about why Snelling hasn't taken one single snap in a pre-season game. Nobody else has either. I was reading a post from a few weeks ago, where another fan was concerned like me. If anybody does have news or an idea about whats going on with Snelling, the entire fan base would like to know. Snelling is very diverse back, and can do many things well. We def could use him in KC: Week 1. If I was the coach
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