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Found 5 results

  1. So, Legion. It's on TV. A television show, to be precise, that premiered last night. Legion was/is a comic book character who was/is pretty neat. I thought the previews for the show looked so-so, at best, but it's getting fantastic reviews. I've started recording it, but I have no idea how I'm going to sneak it in to our limited TV schedule (and by limited, I mean as in the narrow range of times in which I get to choose what's on TV). But I'm working on it. Is anyone watching? Tell me about it. Talk about it. Spoilers welcome.
  2. So every year on Hard Knocks, a star is born. There is always one player that ends up in the spotlight and becomes the main storyline and a big fan favourite... sometimes it's an established star, sometimes an upcoming young player, and more often than not, the ever popular UDFA or 7th round pick... Don't forget, consider what HBO wants to give the nation to watch.. Who will it be this year? Julio cause people won't get over his athleticism and robofoot? Roddy cause even though he "said" he won't talk. He will, it's who he is, oh and he's super good... Reedy cause of the speed and udfa status
  3. I was just wondering why coach Smith pushed one of his coaches on the sidelines, on national tv......John Lynch was talking and said...ohhhhh. But that was it. I thought to myself.....this is not good. I hope things are cool with the other coaches. Todays game was a good close hard fought game, but the best team won out. whew. just curious. olehippy13
  4. Sac, I need a TV show to watch. We had a pretty good convo about it awhile back on LHB, so I trust your judgement. shoot something my way
  5. Does anybody have a tv schedule for any of the spring training yet? I am itching for a few games and moved up here to NC and that hurts me a bit getting coverage every now and again, although the baseball team here is the braves, followed by Cincinnati and Washington.(ugh, I know)
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