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Found 9 results

  1. 35 year fan....I have been to 1 Falcon home game....left early because I didn't want to see them lose.....Abe strips Cam...FG...we win.....I watched it peeking thru the tinted windows after I left the Dome.....I saw our Birds in Indy DESTROY the Colts 31-7...but that doesn't count.
  2. Because we've got this guy (picture from NFL reddit lol):
  3. txfalconfan Roster Player Forum Members 558 posts Posted 30 March 2013 - 10:31 PM "Fans" here don't appreciate what a player does for the team, they are driven by emotions and agendas. They hate players that contribute while they're here and it gets even worse if they want to get paid or leave. The fans unrealistically expect players to play for pennies regardless of the physical punishment that they take, then spew this love of the game stuff. These guys don't do anything that any of us wouldn't do in the same situation. Its a business on both ends players have to look out for themselves because the owners and regrettably the "fans" don't. 90% of posters here don't know how to be fans...ungracious, uncouth, and classless. Might as well be TrashBook with the stupid comments that I read from some posters around these boards (that I have been posting to since they were created). Much love to those who KNOW WHAT THE SPORT OF FOOTBALL IS and show a little respect to those who put themselves in danger for our amusement. KUDOS TX! At least you understand.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oW0ax5TXuk Jesus christ this was amazing. Definitely much better than anything since Ive been out of High school(six years), and before that is probably a wash. Janet would have won, but she was a little old to be showing nipple in my book.
  5. People are upset about the way we are playing and rightfully so. Even though we're 9-1, we haven't looked like a Super Bowl team in the past couple of weeks. Everyone likes playing the blame game but I haven't seen any threads about the biggest liability on our team, the one person who's weak performance can explain all our recent struggles. No it's not TD or Smitty. Just recently, I've seen people badmouth Edwards, Dent, Turner, and even Ryan and Julio but you don't complain about the mosquito bite on your leg when you have a bullet wound in your chest. Ladies and gentlemen, our bullet wound is Todd Mcclure. Don't simply label me as a Mcclure hater and move on. I appreciate all of Mcclure's years of service and reliable play on our line. However, his blocking ability has declined as he has aged. It has gotten to the point where even with help, Mcclure gets driven into the backfield on every play. This is bad if you're a tackle, disastrous when you have to control the interior of the line. As if that wasn't bad enough, recently the guy has been playing like he's a rookie. 2 straight games with a false start (do you know how rare that is for a center?), making incorrect calls at the line, and not knowing who to block on a play. Allowing hits on our Qb is one thing, but a failure to recognize blitzers is completely inexcusable. Now, seeing defenders run into our backfield untouched is a common sight. This is something that I haven't seen happen since before Robbie Tobeck was our center. Mcclure is our biggest liability by far. His presence on our line results in us being unable to run it, period. If we can't get any push in the run game, then teams are gonna play to stop the pass. Then when we do pass, Mcclure getting pushed back causes the pocket to collapse and our Qb to have to get rid of the ball before the receivers are open. This means TOs and stalled drives which means bad field position for our defense and more time they have to spend on the field. It also means that we are unable to put points up which causes our defense that is designed to play with a lead to have to play from behind or in a close game. So they get run on and we all blame others. I say the real reason for all these problems can be traced back to Mcclure's ineptness. What do you think?
  6. Even the Falcon players know we are a disrespected team that even being #1 means nothing if your the falcons. Its almost funny. That if we where losing the media would love to make fun of us, but when we are winning its like "lets talk about the Eagles or cowboys or giants or skins or colts." We will go into most games as being underdogs. Thats cool. Week by week teams will take notice. We might not win flashy or by some huge amounts or blow other teams out the water. We just win and as long as we do that, the headlines will always be whats wrong with the teams we beat and how did they get so bad. Fans can live with that. If the media is only gonna put us on blast anyways at the first mistake we make. They might as well not mention us any other time.
  7. Great teams don’t blow 14-0 leads, even to Packers We know now what we knew before. The other team is better. It has the better quarterback, the better defense, the better coaching staff. Green Bay is good enough to look at a 14-0 deficit and not blink. The Falcons are flawed enough to take a 14-0 lead and begin a slow and steady fizzle. The Falcons lost to the Packers again Sunday night at the Georgia Dome. If there was any consolation, it’s that this score (25-14) wasn’t nearly the dismembering of the playoffs last January, when Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers won 48-21 and sent the Falcons into the offseason with a massive hangover. It forced the front office and coaching staff to re-evaluate just how good this team was on both sides of the ball. It prompted the drafting of Julio Jones and the signing of Ray Edwards. But this is what we know about the Falcons so far in 2011. They’re 2-3 and less the team they were a year ago. If it’s not talent, it’s execution. If it’s not execution, it’s coaching. More than likely, it’s partly all three. They’re making too many mistakes. They’re committing too many dumb penalties. They’re unraveling, not coming together, in key moments of games. They moved the ball 140 yards and scored touchdowns on their first two possessions. They went scoreless and netted only 111 yards on the next seven (five punts, two interceptions). Matt Ryan went 8-for-10 for 80 yards and a touchdown in the first drives, but 10-for-22 for 87 yards with two interceptions the rest of the game. “We fell apart,” tight end Tony Gonzalez said. “We’ve just got to get better,” coach Mike Smith said. Anybody have a plan how to get that accomplished? There is no shame in losing to the Packers, especially given the Falcons were minus their best pass rusher (John Abraham), their center (Todd McClure) and at various points Sunday also lost their starting strong safety (William Moore), their dazzling rookie receiver (Jones), their starting right guard (Garrett Reynolds) and their nickle back (Christopher Owens). But regardless of the circumstances, taking an early 14-0 lead and then watching the other team score 25 straight points on your home field is not what great teams do. This was one of two highly anticipated home games on the Falcons’ schedule this season, and both had a certain fear factor. The first was Michael Vick’s return three weeks ago, and the Falcons exorcized some demons, winning 35-31. But while many gave the Falcons a good shot to win that game, this one was different. Green Bay body-slammed the Falcons in the playoffs last season 48-21, went on to win the Super Bowl and through four weeks once again looked like the best team with the best quarterback. Further, whatever the Falcons were supposed to look like this season, they hadn’t. Other than the win over the Eagles, they had been beat up in two losses at Chicago and Tampa Bay and seemed to blow their transmission late in a win at Seattle last week. But at the outset Sunday, it was an inspired effort. By early in the third quarter, the defense already had three sacks (three more than in the previous three games combined). The first five Green Bay drives: fumble, field goal, field goal, punt, field goal. If a genie had granted defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder one wish and the request had been to hold the Packers to nine points in their first five possessions, the genie would’ve responded, “Seriously? How about something easier, like a lifetime of riches and eternal happiness”? “We were holding them to field goals,” cornerback Brent Grimes said. “That’s what we wanted. But if you give a team like that too many chances, eventually they’re going to score.” The Falcons could not have scripted a better start to this game. They scored touchdowns on their first two possessions. Their first drive chewed up 13 plays, 80 yards and nearly seven minutes, keeping Rodgers on the sideline. Their second touchdown followed a Green Bay fumble and used up another six minutes. They showed creativity with the play-calling, including a reverse to Julio Jones, a screen and a shovel pass to Jason Snelling, another short toss to Jacquizz Rodgers. It was a Falcons’ dream … that didn’t last. After those two early scores, the Falcons punted on their next five possessions (failing to get a first down on four of them). Meanwhile, the defense wilted. The Falcons ceased getting pressure on Rodgers and he started finding the soft middle of the zone defense. Trailing 14-9, Green Bay drove to consecutive touchdowns to jump ahead 22-15 (they missed a two-point conversion). The first was a 70-yarder pass play from Rodgers to James Jones, who blew past safety Thomas DeCoud to cradle the pass at the Falcons’ 40 and blasted off for the end zone. The second saw Jennings run a slant to a vacated areas over over the middle and catch a 29-yard touchdown. The Packers led by only seven points. But it seemed like so much more, as the teams were headed in decidedly opposite directions. Nothing Sunday was going to change that. http://blogs.ajc.com...ven-to-packers/
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