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Found 14 results

  1. Adrian Clayborn, Desmond Trufant and Devondre Campbell. Which of these 3 do you think will be the hardest to replace in the draft and free agency? AND which one do you think will be the easiest to replace in the draft and free agency?
  2. Let's be honest people, coming from an extreme Sarkisian hater since he arrived here in the 2017 off season, I will say that this year Sarkisian has improved. He hasn't gotten any worse, and no, he will never be on the level of Shanahan, and that's okay. As long as the offense is productive enough we are good, and our offense has been really good this year. The 2018 O-line for the Falcons that Sark has to deal with is no where near as good or healthy as the 2016 O-line Shanahan had. People need to understand that no franchise in the NFL has a historical offense every year, not even the Patriot
  3. ,1Tru is soft and Alf had brain farts. Neither is the best tackling CB, and granted Alford will make a play on the ball/pick it. Age, contract,and injury has us all looking at them with the side eye. I know realistically we can't do it in 1 off-season, and I do think that Alford is gone due to cap and the drafting of Oliver. Kazee needs to be on the field PERIOD, be it at CB or S, he is a ball hawk/playmaker that every D needs. He play makes a DB expendable. If we had some playmakers at CB this D would be top 10 even with the injuries.
  4. Not to display trufant getting shoved and not making the tackle but to show his recovery and pursuit afterwards. Far too often in recent years have we see falcons defenders get tossed or shook and they just hit the ground and get up slow jogging. This is the effort I would love to see from every member on defense.
  5. Trufant put me back into my element and made me clam myself. Funny thing was I didn't have much film on him to show since he didn't get many looks. Aaron Rodgers was mostly throwing at Alford all game. What do you guys think Tru will do this week vs the Lions and do we need to look at a new CB for depth in the 2018 draft? Email us suggestions and comments at unintentionalgrounding@gmail.com YouTube: UnintentionalGrounding - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClCI... Twitter:@UnGrShow - https://twitter.com/UnGrShow Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Uninte
  6. Is there no thread for our Falcons in the ProBowl? I thought we'd have video of each play involving our boys. Julio scored a nice TD grab and 2 pt convert. Freeman ran well and caught a TD and made the play of the game with his awesome tackle on Chris Ivory, slamming him hard. Kelce trying to mock fight him after and Freeman wasnt even having none of it. Guys a bulldog man. Respect. Also Dimarco touched the ball a few times and Trufant had some throws his way..I'd love to see them all. Is this something we can try gentleman!? (and ladies) Freeman Tackle - https://cdn2.vox-cdn.com/thu
  7. I have been reading a lot of threads lately and listening to a little bit of talk radio. I have to say what I have been hearing is worrisome at the very least. I understand the disappointment in the fanbase, as a fan of decades this season is no stranger to me. We have certainly seen many like it. Still, this time it is a bit different. We were winners not too long ago, consistent winners for the first time ever actually. This is obviously not a lack of talent problem we are facing, because we have only lost a few guys from that 2012 NFCCG team. In truth we, as a fanbase, need to step up
  8. The era of the shutdown corner is over. Actually, I'm not sure there ever was such an era. The notion of "Revis Island" -- so named because Darrelle Revis sometimes shadowed an opponent's best receiver -- swept the football world a few years ago, which led to many simplistic formulations. You know: "Oh, no, you can't use Reggie Wayne! He's facing Aqib Talib this week!" My Twitter feed is still occasionally littered by questions like, how can I rank Michael Crabtree so high, don't I know that Patrick Peterson is on the Arizona Cardinals? But that idea was always specious. The truth is that it's
  9. 79. Desmond Trufant, CB, Atlanta Falcons (Unranked) Our Defensive Rookie of the Year, Trufant didn’t get the attention he should have as the Falcons struggled, but deserves recognition for how well he adjusted to life in the NFL. Looking like he belonged from the first moment, Trufant would allow just a 75.2 QB rating into his coverage while at least breaking up one pass in all bar five games. He didn’t have the interception numbers to wow people, but playing cornerback is a lot more than just that. Impressive consistency. Best Performance: Week 17, CAR @ ATL, +3.6 Key Stat: Trufant’s 15 pass
  10. I love this kid, and he is gonna be something special. Not only does he have the ability to be a shutdown corner, but he has the attitude and confidence to go along with it; something this team desperately needs. The "don't mess with me" attitude. The fire. Anquan Boldin is one of the best veteran receivers in the game, and that made absolutely no difference to Tru. He wasn't gonna take his crap. I can't wait to see #21 as a Falcon for a long, long time.
  11. gonna post a couple articles on the rookies instead of different threads. Trufant Sets Falcons Record on Defense Expecting your first-round pick to start right away and make an impact is a risk in any season. This year, the Falcons took that risk with first-round cornerback Desmond Trufant and it paid off. More and more each week, Trufant is involved in key plays in games and he’s earning his first-round draft status. Trufant leads the team in pass deflections this season and he’s got one interception through 13 weeks. Trufant had one tackle and one pass defense against the Bills last week an
  12. The offseason is boring, but one thing that might give us a little reprieve would be to get everyone under contract. At the very least it would give us something to talk about. So, with us now being a month removed from the draft, who do think gets signed first. Both our first and last draft picks are still unsigned and we have heard nothing about when their signings may take place. Ryan's contract, on the other hand, has produced seemingly endless amounts of arguably pointless speculation that may end up having no value whatsoever. His deal is being projected to be before TC, but it's kinda q
  13. I understand Trufant and Alford but why Franks I mean he was cut last year at one point and didnt show anything last year. I hope this is to try to confuse other teams or something Desmond Trufant - DB - Falcons The Falcons will have a three-way competition between Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford and Dominique Franks to determine who will start at RCB opposite Asante Samuel. It's been widely assumed Trufant would be the favorite to start at rIght cornerback barring a face plant in preseason. However, the Falcons own website believes Alford has just as good a chance of claiming the spot, and
  14. Click below for the rest. http://atlantafalconstalk.com/Thread-Falcons-Falcons-Mini-Camp-2013-Pics?pid=120443#pid120443
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