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Found 14 results

  1. Man, I always love the inside info we get on the Falcons. This article by MMQBSI, as usual, paints a very clear picture on how DQ feels about the coaching staff going forward. Some of us speculated on the positions, roles, etc. on the coaches that have been added. Some were right, some were wrong, but it's clear DQ is no fool and has no ego when it comes to errors he's made and looking for ways to correct them so he doesn't double down on them, making them worse. He's not infallible, but when I tell you he's one of the best coaches in the league, that is one of the reasons why. He's always looking to improve and surround himself with people who feel the same way and aren't above acknowledging they have room to improve as well as holding him accountable. He's not looking for a room full of yes men, and he dam sure got it right from the sound of this article. The part about Koetter and Mularkey got me most excited, because we've all speculated it. But the concerns DQ had about Koetter's propensity to want to go pass happy were clearly considered, which is exactly why he brought Mularkey, who we all know can create a running game out of thin air. That's what I'm talking about. DQ isn't arrogant or some fool. He sees what we see, and more, and works to make sure he can win with it. Koetter and Mularkey should be able to dismantle defenses on a regular basis with their football knowledge and the talent on the team. I can't wait. FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!
  2. Are we surprised Cam tried to pull this stunt? Wonder if he was being real or joking.. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/2018/07/28/carolina-panthers-cam-newton-tries-get-falcons-fan-ejected/ There is always that one guy. You know the one. The guy that shows up to Carolina Panthers practice in a different jersey. But it would take someone pretty brave to show up in an Atlanta Falcons jersey right? Well, it happened today and Cam Newton took notice. Newton took the matter into his own hands as he asked a police officer to eject the fan. The crowd noticing the exchange, began to book the man in red. Afterwards, Newton demonstrates how the man should be kicked out. Pretty funny.
  3. Falcons lose Devin Fuller to knee injury (247 Sports)
  4. We all remember back in TC 2015 its was Ricardo Allen. And last year was the rookies. This year im leaning on the D line. I think Jack Crawford is gonna surprise us all, starting with a strong TC. 6'5 and 290lbs we know we can set the edge, but his inside push on pass downs is gonna help us big time on pass downs. Who ya got?
  5. I have a favor to ask from anyone that's going to attend camp. I thought I'd be able to go this year, but that option is null due everything I have going on at work. If possible, I'd like to get my 6 month old son onesie with "Falcons Rookie" across the front. It was 0-3 month and he's outgrown it, but I thought it would be cool to have some actual falcon rookies sign it and frame for his room. Anyone that could possibly help let me know. This is the onesie in question..
  6. So, I know there have been variety of posts about training camp but after attending both sessions this weekend, I felt the need to share my thoughts and observations: General Training Camp Observations: 1. If you have never been to the Falcons' training camp, make a point to do so in the future. It is a great atmosphere. Being able to see and interact with the players up close is a great dynamic as a fan. Also, the Falcons organization does a phenomenal job in making the event fan friendly, with activities for the kids and cheap concessions. 2. For those of you who attended training camp under the previous staff you know the afternoon sessions were brutally hot. The change to mid morning makes the event even better since we avoid the worst of the heat. 3. By now you know Quinn plays music during practice for a variety of reasons I won't go into. But from a fan's perspective having some music makes the event even better. 4. Falcon fans thinking of going take heart that you will not be alone. Instead you be joined by 3000 or so other rabid fans. But don't let the crowd dissuade you, I have had great conversations with perfect strangers who share a passion for Falcons football. Team/Player Observations: 1. A faster pace. Under Coach Smith previous training camps were slow affairs akin to glorified walkthroughs. Under Quinn they are faster and more competitive. 2. Real teaching. Under the new regime, there is an obvious focus on teaching. Problems are addressed immediately with a hands on approach. Even the head coach. He roams the field like a middle linebacker, coaching everything in his path. Instead of trying to provide a comment on every single player I saw, I want to focus on a few that were significant to me. 3. First, what you have read about Hageman is true. He looks like a beast. Among the large defensive lineman, he stands out on size alone. While I didn't see any explosive plays I did see him run with the ones on occasion. If he can take advantages of his ability the sky is the limit. 4. Justin Hardy. Simply a machine! He catches everything. Even after all the accolades I've read, after watching him you gain a new appreciation. The route running and hands look good, especially for a rookie. 5. Fear the Truth. Trufant is in mid season form, making plays all over. Expect a big year from him in this new scheme. 6. And about that scheme, I know you've heard how this new scheme will improve our defense. And some you are probably skeptical. Well, the future will tell, but I can tell you during the signing session Worrilow told us this new scheme is much better than what they had. And given his tone, I believe him! 7. Run Freeman Run. After watching Freeman for two days, I have to believe he's the starter this season. His running looks good, and his receiving looks even better. Makes me think of Warrick Dunn. Hopefully his blocking improves. 8. The Ice Man. Despite the heat, there's an occasional cool breeze thanks to Matty Ice. Despite a couple of poor throws, he looks good. With the balanced attack, he should have a good year. Sure there's more I could add, but this is long enough. I think you can get an idea of the key things to know. In summation, I have faith in what i see the new staff doing, and am optimistic for a rebound year. Go Falcons!
  7. Whats up fellow Falcon Fans...just wondering if anyone here that has been to several training camp practices in years past can tell me what the best day is to go as far as traffic. I would like a busier day so I will have more people to pass out the new anthem too. Appreciate it.
  8. I was at a few Falcons practices this year. I know my football (I coach a bit)...and while I will NEVER be on the pro level...I saw a few things: 1) The nickel set looked to be an experiment. 2) Our "base 3/4" is still rather shrouded by the coaches; who is where and when is difficult to ascertain. 3) The 0-3 techniques are all over the place (especially during after the in-play alignment). 4) The crease jumps seemed to come into view during the last game (see Warrilow on the sack). 5) We just now (in the last game) saw some of the Nolan "2 in the dirt, 3 in the dirt" that was fairly successful the year before last. Look, I am NOT AT ALL saying that I have this D figured out ( I KNOW I don't), but I AM saying that our play in Week 1 may look very different from what we have seen so far....this may be obvious to a lot of you, but I just wanted to throw it out there. OK...flame on haters...have a good time.
  9. Happened to go to TC today and got a short little video of Devin making a nice catch near us. Nothing major, but for those who can't be there to see it hopefully you enjoy. Sorry for the lack of quality video but it was shot from my cell phone. I have other videos as well, but nothing really to see there. I missed a good one with Devonta. Couple of things I took away from today : Devonta Freeman is going to be a real good addition for us. Not only can he cut quickly, but he can catch as well. Had a very nice diving catch near the sidelines I didn't think he would make but he did. This kid is going to surprise some folks. Harry Douglas looks sharp. I know how people feel about him but I'm just telling you he was standing out to me today. Big part of that could be that Roddy wasn't in at all and Julio was very limited....still looked good though. I believe he had a cramp or something at the start of stretching, he was paying his leg attention and shaking it a bit. Didn't seem to linger though because he was all over the place. Devin Hester was making some nice catches it seemed he was all over the place at times. Again, I can attribute some of this to the fact that Roddy and Julio weren't really out there. Julio, the very little I did see him looked good. Didn't seem to have any favoring of the foot at all. He seemed to have an issue and was down for a minute, but I believe it was an equipment issue and not an injury. Couldn't really see much on D happening, but Trufant, Alford, and Worrilow all had a nice pass breakup a piece. That was with 1st team on 1st team. Nothing really else from the defense today, but I did forget my glasses so maybe I was just too blind to notice. I know it's not much, but its what I saw today and thought I would share. Hopefully it plays okay, I haven't uploaded a youtube video on here in ages as I don't post much anymore. EDIT : OBVIOUSLY I DIDN'T POST IT RIGHT...OOPS
  10. What's happening guys, I am going to training camp this Wednesday coming up and wondering if anyone else will be there. I will be checking the team out obviously but also want to get some cd's hopefully in the right hands. The new Falcons anthem is here https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/how-we-rise-up/id858562957?i=858563044 and you can sample it for free without buying. It is the song that will be playing when the Falcons life the Lombardi at the end of this season. You ain't a true Falcons fan without it and I won't stop til it's rockin' the dome. Appreciate all the support so far and all the people that have purchased it.
  11. I got a chance to go to Training Camp today, and it was great. I borrowed a friends camera that was very good and was able to take over 200 pictures. I got some really good ones. Click Here for the link to view them on Shutterfly. There are 242 Pictures. A couple of things that was cool today: 1. Starr was offsides on one play and I heard from across the field a coach yell. "Starr, you can't do that!" It was really kinda funny. 2. Travian Robertson once again looked good and recovered a fumble and ran it in for a TD. 3. The offense and defense did a goal line stand. On 4th down the defense pushed hard and I think it was TJ in a QB, maybe Renfree. He threw it toward the goal line while being rushed and MASS got an interception. The whole defense erupted and jumped up and down. You can see they are playing with more intensity. I went last year and this year's practice seemed much different. There was a lot more moving pieces and there seemed to be more energy. Hard Knocks was wandering around, but you really couldn't notice them a whole lot. I will be honest, it doesn't look like much of a distraction. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Here are a few:
  12. So my gf has decided that since training camp begins on my b- day that she would take me down to Flowery Branch as part of my gift!! We will be there for the first three days of camp. I just want to make it a memorable b-day, we will be traveling 300 miles one way. My questions to my fellow Falcon fans are can you only take still shot photography? also would a sign of some sorts be allowed? finally and most important can you please give me some tips on gettiing autographs? Thank you for your time!!
  13. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/3-burning-questions-atlanta-falcons-heading-training-camp-142800850.html COMMENTARY | The Atlanta Falcons finished the 2012 season 11-yards shy of a trip to the Super Bowl. After coming so close last season, as well as enjoying the longest sustained success in franchise history while under the Mike Smith/Thomas Dimitroff regime, expectations in Atlanta are at an all-time high. Wide receiver Roddy White even went so far as referring to this season as "Super Bowl or bust". With that being said there are still quite a few questions about this team heading into training camp next month (July 25 - August 11). Let's examine them. Where will the pass rush come from in 2013? The Falcons struggled to rush the passer in 2012, totaling only 29 sacks as a team--good for 28th in the NFL. Adding to that problem is the fact that their top pass rusher, John Abraham, was released this offseason. Abraham has been responsible for 35 percent of the team's sacks over the past five seasons, and many of the rest of the team's sacks were due to the double teams Abraham demanded. To help soften the blow of losing Abraham, the team went out and signed former New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. Umenyiora's veteran presence has already resonated with the team throughout mini-camp and OTAs. Since he arrived in Atlanta, Osi has been the first player to show up to the facility each day, and his work ethic on and off the field has rubbed off on the younger, more inexperienced defensive ends on the roster. Among those young defensive ends competing for playing time are third-round pick Malliciah Goodman, and last year's fifth-round pick, Johnathan Massaquoi. Umenyiora said of the two, "They're maturing very, very fast. Malliciah is a good player. Massaquoi is very good also. These are going to be tremendous football players in this league." Atlanta also hopes to get some production out of this year's fifth-round pick, Stansly Maponga, who has missed most of OTAs and mini-camp while rehabbing from foot surgery in March. Utility-defender Kroy Biermann also looks to play a role at defensive end (as well as linebacker). Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan likes to use Kroy in a myriad of ways in his "amoeba" defense, in order to take full advantage of his unique athleticism. Prediction: The leadership of Osi, young talent at defensive end and Mike Nolan having another year under his belt will yield better pass-rushing results in 2013. Who will start along the right side of the offensive line? This offseason the Falcons parted ways with their starting right tackle of the last seven years, Tyson Clabo. Like Abraham, the release of Clabo came as a shock to most Falcons fans. This unexpected salary cap casualty leaves a gaping hole at right tackle. Another long-time Falcon, center Todd McClure, decided to retire after 13 seasons. McClure holds the franchise-record for most consecutive starts with 148. Last year's second-round pick, Peter Konz, who started at right guard in 2012, will move back to his natural position at center to replace McClure. This move leaves another hole on the offensive line at right guard. With two spots to fill and no new free-agent acquisitions or draft picks, offensive line coach Pat Hill has his work cut out for him. Many thought that last year's third-round pick, Lamar Holmes, had the inside track at right tackle. However, throughout mini-camp, fourth-year man Mike Johnson was running with the first team at RT. The more experienced Johnson has been pushing Holmes so far this offseason. Though, when the pads come on in training camp the bigger more physical Holmes should be able to win the job. At right guard it appears Garrett Reynolds, last year's Week 1 starter, has the best shot of winning the job. His experience far outweighs that of Phillipkeith Manley. However, don't rule out the possibility of Mike Johnson sliding inside to guard if he loses the battle with Holmes at tackle. Johnson came into the NFL as a guard, and has trained at both spots extensively. Prediction: Lamar Holmes and Garrett Reynolds will line up on the right side of the Offensive line in Week 1. Will the Matt Ryan extension ever get done? This question may seem a bit silly, but this "inevitable" $100 million contract extension has been talked about for three months now. Ryan's agent, Tom Condon, is regarded as the NFL's most powerful agent. His clients include the Manning brothers, Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford and Tony Romo. What could the hold-up be? Any agent that can get Tony Romo a $100 million dollar deal has to be quite the powerful persuader. In any event, this deal will undoubtedly get done. As a result the Falcons should get some immediate cap relief. That cap space is something that can be very useful in the event that contract talks with Richard Seymour ramp up again--which would help to answer question number one. Prediction: Matt Ryan deal gets done before training camp. Darryl L. Jones is an authority on Atlanta sports. He has lived in Atlanta his entire life, and has followed the Falcons his entire life. He is also the Atlanta Sports Examiner for Examiner.com.
  14. I been lazy I know... Jay Adams and Daniel Cox watching block drills
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