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Found 13 results

  1. https://www.news4jax.com/sports/2020/03/03/report-jaguars-trading-cb-aj-bouye-to-broncos/ 4th round pick. Always thought he was a bit overrated imo
  2. A theme we often see we the Falcons is giving up value or poorly leveraging themselves be it with the roster or with the coaches or with the contracts. That's the identity I've come to know this team as over the past 16 or so years watching them. This offseason that theme remained the same even down to the draft. We see a slightly OK managed salary cap with guy's like Beasley and Trufant and Freeman eating up more space than they should. You see the loss of Teco which could have easily been prevented by simply not signing one of those journeymen o-line dudes. You see a loss in PSLs becaus
  3. Atlanta Falcons blog by D. Orlando Ledbetter, the pro football and Atlanta Falcons reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution By D. Orlando Ledbetter Cover 9@9: Pre-combine Mock Draft 1.0 - Falcons trade Freeman, move up to get Vita Vea February 28, 2018 INDIANAPOLIS — Good morning! Welcome to The Cover 9@9 blog. It's our weekly blog of nine things at 9 a.m. Wednesday that you need to know about the Atlanta Falcons, who are here in Indianapolis to work the scouting combine. Instead of our normal nine items, we
  4. As most know, one of the biggest stories coming out of camp this year is whether the team will resign Freeman or not. I've seen a lot of mixed notions about how the team should handle the situation and personally, I think paying him more than $9 mill/yr is absurd. For one, the team is absolutely loaded with young talent that will need extensions sooner than later in their own right. Secondly, we have Teco and though everybody has their opinion on who they believe the better player is, the fact of the matter is that Teco was drafted to be the starter and with limited carries has proven he's mor
  5. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/11/01/report-browns-have-had-discussions-about-trading-joe-thomas-alex-mack/#comments Rumors fly that the browns are willing to part with Alex Mack!? I know we don't have a 5th or 6th pick but I'd gladly trade a 4th for Mack, imagine him at center!? Idk what Joe T has left but perhaps our GMs should review some recent tape on him. Thoughts?
  6. Sorry if this was already come up. I'm just wondering if there is any chance that the Seahawks just trade Irvin to the Falcons this offseason? I doubt they would put the Franchise Tag on him since they didn't want to pick up his 5th year option. So if he serious about walking away why not trade him now? They would get something back rather than losing him for nothing and they could prevent a situation from turning sour and having him become a locker room cancer.
  7. I don't think it's likely I just stumbled across it. http://www.hngn.com/articles/81932/20150401/atlanta-falcons-rumors-adrian-peterson-deal-possible.htm
  8. I've been thinking about potential trade partners for the Falcons if they decide to move back. The top of this draft will tell the story, but a see a few scenarios that would enable the Falcons to move back and get quality pieces. I want to know who TAFT thinks would be a good partner and why. For instance: If Bortles falls past #5:Tennessee or Minnesota could both look to move up as they compete for a quarterback. We could pick up a 3rd and a 4th from either team If Sammy Watkins falls past 5: NYG's, the Jets, or Tennessee could all look to leapfrog in front of Tampa or Minnesota. We could p
  9. Now that the deadline for extending deadline players has come and gone, we know a few things about the Detroit Lions and how they value franchise player Cliff Avril. While now just entering his prime, the Lions have deemed Avril as expendable to the team's success for a couple of reasons (this has all been true before the deadline passed and has been said by many reporters, but the lack of an extension verifies much of it): 1) While Avril is a great player, the Lions haven't pegged him as a core piece for their success. The Lions are in the unique position of having their team salary structure
  10. The trade deadline is here and we still have a very weak secondary. The Eagles have made it clear they are shopping around for Asante Samuel. They would like some help in their Line Backer Squad. If we could make a trade with either Sean Weatherspoon (more likely) or Stephen Nicolis I think this would be a very smart move. Mike Peterson is still very viable at the OLB position and although he is to old to pass in a trade he could step in and replace either of these guys for the rest of the season. So we wouldn't lose much at the LB position but we would gain that shutdown cover corner we need
  11. We have a few options as far as creating cap room goes. We only have 1.6 mil in available cap space to work with. Asante has a cap hit of 10.5 mil, but 1.1 mil of that is in the form of bonuses so he would be a 9.4 mil cap hit to us. The Eagles would eat his bonuses for next year too leaving his cap hit at 11.4 mil for next year. He would most certainly restructure this in some way. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/asante-samuel/ <----- Samuel contract details #1 and by far the most popular option on this board is cutting Sam Baker. This would free up 2.575 mil in cap space
  12. Hello and welcome back to my latest edition of the 2012 Falcons Mock Draft. (Note to mods, this is extremely Falcons related, appreciated if this isn't moved) Let me start out by saying, our play at Right Guard has been awful, and there has been no one who has been able to fill the role so far. So We'll start there. 2nd Round 57th Overall Pick. Kelechi Osemele, OG Iowa State. 6'5 350 LBs. Let me start by saying this, Osemele is a rare combination of size and athelticism, he played LT in college, he projects more as a G at the next level, but he can kick out to RT. Osemele when motivated is sim
  13. With Julio having a pretty good game after a bad one last week, this seems like a good time to ask the question. Speak now, or forever be a Monday morning QB.
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