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Found 2 results

  1. I know many of you don't like Colin Cowherd, but I thought this was an interesting discussion about the AFC North with Ray Lewis and Eric forgot-his-last-name. That division is generally recognized the most physical in football and for good reason. Living in MD, I've seen plenty of those bouts and those guys regularly beat each other up. They regularly field defenses in the top 10. When Ray talked about building that brand of physical football in Baltimore, I got to thinking and wondering where we're at in regards to the kind of team we are and where we want to be. One of the first things Quinn emphasized before ever taking the field at Flowery Branch was that we were gonna be "fast and physical." In a division that's more known for it's high powered offenses rather than hard nosed defenses, those declarations may have seemed hollow. Many asserted that they would be content with the defense being at least good enough to get a stop or two and the offense would take care of the rest. Fast forward to now, and it seems as though many fans are more bothered with how the offense is performing as opposed to the defense, which often becomes the afterthought. Nevertheless, I'm wondering if the culture has, or at least is showing signs of changing. What kind of a team are we? Has DQ's vision been realized? Are we shifting away from the team that relies on the strength of its skill players on offense, and how far along are we?
  2. 2017 Atlanta Falcons Opponents HOME: Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Minnesota, Buffalo, Miami, NFC East* AWAY: Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Detroit, New England, NY Jets, NFC West* http://www.fbschedules.com/nfl-17/2017-atlanta-falcons-football-schedule.php
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