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Found 1 result

  1. Just wanted to make a lighthearted post about what I think the media will talk about the monday after the Super Bowl when the FALCONS WIN. Topics 1. Falcons win. Give them credit. ~ 5 min Rest of Monday 2. Brady is GOAT. 3. What went wrong with the Patriots? 3. Patriots team let Brady down. 4. Brady had no supporting cast. Gronk went down. Julian Edelman? pshh Brady made him like Brady made Wes Welker. Blount? 3.9 Yards per carry. Hardly a help. 5. patriots lost because of injuries 6. Man wouldn't it have been sweet to watch goodell give the GOAT brady the Lombardi? 7. Billichick is GOAT. 8. Game was not TB or Belichicks fault. 9. Will Brady get another ring? 10. Falcons won because they are a dome team and played in a dome. If the game was in a open stadium... 11. Falcons got lucky. 12. Falcons aren't consistent lets see them do this again next year. After all the Patriots are a DYNASTY. 13. Tom Brady at 39 is still better than Matt Ryan. There, 13 topics the media will cover when the FALCONS WIN and the PATRIOTS lose. I give 13 topics to equal the # of touchdown passes Matt has thrown to different receivers. #RISEUP Anyone else got anything?
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