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Found 1 result

  1. I see a lot of posts on here saying that Ryan needs to step up, and he needs to make a play in the red zone, and how playcalling is unimaginitive, and we need to fire the coach that hired the OC and DC's that are clearly failing us...tell that to Steven Jackson and Levine Toilolo. If either of these guys can close their hands and clamp on a pass Ryan put in their hands, we have a 3-1 team, and we are all talking about how we are going to destroy the Jets. Instead, we are talking about firing the coach, and how the QB needs to step up. Ryan didn't have a great game with his accuracy, but he also did have 400 yards, in the losing effort. As soon as the team recovered the first onside kick, they played with a passion and heart the Falcons usually reserve for the first half. The team isn't broken, and neither is the coach. The team is hurt and we have paper thin depth behind the starters. This leads me to say something I have yet to say, and that is it's time for Dimitroff to go. This guy waited, after what we all saw in the preseason, to grab Trueblood, until the last possible moment, and got lucky someone who is a former starter was still there. I know TD has done great things for this team and this town, but this is a cumulative problem, that needs to be addressed now. I'm not throwing in the towel on this season, and 9-7, 10-6 or h3ll 11-5 may still be attainable, but the GM needs to be fixed, or we will always have a patchwork O and D-line...
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