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Found 5 results

  1. The implication of that statement from AB to his GM and Coach is that he has high expectations. We have the core talent, but we are missing a few players. This is why the Falcons are not going to draft a QB. They need players right now to win with Matt Ryan & Co. If you draft a QB, then how is he going to help you with a franchise QB who cannot really be moved for the next 2 year? Plus, AB has indirectly or directly told them that he would like for Matt Ryan to be here- this is why they restructured so they can create more Cap space. What does Matt Ryan need? Better OL and a Running game to balance the offense even if Julio is injured and cannot play. This is why it makes sense to drop a few spots and get more draft capital to fill the holes. Don’t get me wrong by adding Kyle Pitts, it is going to give us another playmaker that is going to have a huge impact for the offense and scoring in the Red Zone. But, OL and a Running game will be the key to get the offense balanced. My Priority: OL- Sewell at 6 or 8 or 10 will be a perfect pick up. RB- Drop back to 15 (Patriots) and pick the top RB in the draft (Najee Harris). If we drop to 15, I expect Falcons to move again and pick up another BPA in the 1st round. TE (if Pitts is available if we drop 2-4 spots). AS loves TEs and he will be perfect for the schemes and AS’s playbook. Pitts is like another Julio that will stretch the opposing defenses allowing Matt Ryan with more options. CB- if we drop, we got the top CB still there, then we can go for that position as well to fix the secondary. So, I will trade back, and then pick up some more draft capital. Pitts is a playmaker and it will pivot the offense to score more points. Drafting a QB will be the stupidest decision for this regime and something AB is probably not keen when you have a franchise QB with the team needing to fill holes to win. A back-up QB collecting dust is not going to make an impact for the next 2 years or so. Mark my word- Matt Ryan will retire as a Falcon and he will be around for a few years. We just need to fix the holes. AB wants to win now, and he doesn’t want a QB that needs to be babysit for the next 2 or 3 years. It defeats the purpose of this franchise and where they stand. Protect Matt Ryan and give him a Running game and then you are set to win more games and be one of the top teams even with an average defense.
  2. https://twitter.com/search?q=Tony Gonzalez%2BNFL&src=typed_query Haven't seen anything on this yet. Tony Gonzalez name a finalist for the all NFL 100 team.
  3. Hooper has really taken another step as a receiver...his hands have improved and he has proven to be a tough guy to tackle. BButttttttt . he still sucks as a blocker. One of the big (and many) reasons why we have struggled to run the ball is the lack of a good blocking tight end and a lack of a consistent fullback. imo this is where letting guys like Toilolo go has really really hurt us. Hopefully this gets fixed in the off-season
  4. Calling all Falcons fans. Why do certain people/or yourself think we need a Tight End(TE). Because I'm under the belief we don't need a TE. Tight End is not a need for the Atlanta Falcons. The people trying to make this a need is mind boggling to me. So help me understand. Because Austin Hooper in a sophomore year was decent. And average around where the Veterans were averaging in the league. Considering the entire offense was lackluster. He was decent. And if the team gets back to the offense we know they can be(It doesn't have to be Shanahan offense) but back to the good offense we remember in the Matt Ryan years. Then Austin Hooper will be fine. But if you feel different, let me know. So I can see where people are coming from with this need at TE. That nobody see but fans.
  5. We're at that time where I stop doing Mock Drafts and start doing Offseasons (FA+Draft) So I'll be adressing FA issues here along with the draft. Let's get started. Free Agents _________________ John Abraham- Resign to a 3 Year Deal Kroy Biermann- Resign to a 2 Year Deal Harry Douglas- Resign to a 4 year Deal Brent Grimes- Resign to a 5 year Deal Thomas Decoud- Resign to a 3 year Deal Curtis Lofton- Resign to a 7 year Deal Michael Palmer- Resign to a 3 year Deal Tony Gonzalez-Let Him Walk Sam Baker- Cut Peria Jerry- Cut Todd McClure-Let Him Walk Reggie Kelly- Let Him Walk James Sanders- Let Him Walk Kelvin Hayden- Let Him Walk Chris Redman- Let Him Walk Trade/Cut Dunta Robinson Big FA Accquisiton- Cortland Finnegan, CB, 5 Year Deal worth about 40 Mil in total. Minor FA Accquisiton- Jonathan Dwyer, RB, 3 year Deal worth about 11 Mil total. ___________________________________________________________ Mock Draft Round 2. Kelechi Osemele, OG, Iowa State, 6'5 355 LBs. Huge Mauler who is atheltic enough to play LT at college and potentialy RT in the pros, however his best fit is at RG. He dominates in the running game and has great quickness and agility in the 2nd level. Questionable Motor and nagging ankle injuries are why he's dropping. He can be the most dominant offensive lineman in college when he feels like it. As one scout told me "If He's paired with a great OL coach he could become the best OG in the NFL." We have a great Line coach in Paul Boudreaux who turned two no name UDFAs in McClure and Clabo into probowlers. Round 3. Baccari Rambo*(Not Declared, reportedly heavily leaning towards delcaring), FS, UGA. 6'0 220 LBs. Rambo is a force to be reckoned with, he's a major ballhawk at UGA, having 7 total picks this year, he's also become an enforcer in the secondary. He gets great coverage on his man, and takes good angles on WRs. However he still has trouble coming up into the box, and blitzing and run support especially on short yardage situations. He's very raw in talent as well, althought he displays natural instinct that you love in a player. Round 4 (Comp). Michael Egnew TE, Mizzou. 6'5 245 LBs. Egnew is a great recieving threat, he has the speed as a TE to stretch the field, the agility to shake off safeties and the size to take on LBs. His problem? He can't block worth a ****. That along with the fact that he has had a major drop in production this year (He's been the only real recieving threat on his team though.) is causing him to drop this far. However in a system like ours where we essentially have two #1s at WR Egnew shouldn't nearly as much attention as he did his senior year at Mizzou. He needs to learn how to block though. Round 5. Omar Bolden, CB, ASU. 5'10 195. Bolden is a good prospect, he's just had problems staying healthy, he has good size and speed as well as good instincts. A history of injuries is causing him to drop and he could be a steal in the 5th round. His major thing will be staying healthy, if he can he could be a great Nickel or #2 Corner in a defense. Round 6. DaJohn Harris, DT/NT, USC. 6'4 310 LBs. The Peria Jerry expierment is over, he couldn't do crap and was neutralized by a devastating knee injury his rookie year. We could really use a big run stuffer in short yards and goal line. This is why Harris makes sense. Round 7. B.J. Coleman, QB, UTC. 6'3 225 LBs. Chris Redman is a FA and very old, getting a young guy to groom as Matt's backup and #2 is a good step to take. Coleman is decent enough, he won the starting job at UT his freshman year but was turned off by Lane Kiffin and transferred back to his hometown college UTC where he has put up good numbers. All Future Comments and Criticisms Appreciated.
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