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Found 8 results

  1. I know it may not be the place, but I have two extra tickets to Mike Epps comedy show tonight at 11 p.m. .....anyone interested? Only thing you have to worry about is parking...it's a state farm arena
  2. I will be posting tickets for sale from my season tickets throughout the year depending on when I am emotionally and mentally able to start attending again. I'll update the file by game. I gave the Washington preseason game to my granddaughter - but she may or may not be ready as well -so we'll see as it gets closer. Here is the link
  3. Hi Everyone, Hope it is ok to post this in this board. I already tried posting in "Dome Field Advantage" but that doesn't seem to be active since the Falcons moved out of the Dome! Anyway. After many years supporting the falcons from about as far away as you can possibly get (Christchurch, New Zealand), I am making the trip to a game. This is my first time to the states and first sporting event outside of NZ so I'm unsure of how a number of things work in the US. 1) Where do you buy tickets. StubHub, SeatGeek and NFL ticket exchange all seem to have pros and cons. Which is you preferred and why? 2) What should the Gameday experience be? Tailgating? arrive early and tour the stadium? Stadium Tour? Stadiums in NZ are not on the scale of the Benz and Tailgating is not in our sporting culture at all. Bonus) If anyone can give any accommodation recommendations (they seem very expensive) I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Lachie.
  4. Hello guys, so as some of you may know, I´m a die-hard Falcons fan all the way from Madrid, Spain. I ´ve been a fan since 2008 and haven't missed a game ever since. I had the opportunity to watch the birds in London a couple years ago when we played Detroit, but I always dreamed with the possibility of watching a game in Atlanta one day. And since I´ll be studying in the US (Dallas) from August to December, I want to attend at least 1 game during my stay there, so I thought here could be the best place to ask for recommendations on where buy tickets, dates and everything. Any tips are welcome guys ! And if there are any falcons fans here from Dallas let me know ! Thanks, RISE UP !!
  5. Hey - I just found out I have to work late Thursday - so I can't make the final preseason game. I have 3 tickets - Lower level - Row 4 Section 121 I also have a parking pass which I can download to a pdf and email you. I can electronically transfer the tickets. I only ask that you intend to actually use them and that you are a Falcons fan. I hate to see them wasted. If you are interested - then please respond that you want the tickets and I'll take the first valid response There are some people who would like to attend - so please - don't respond if you aren't interested - give someone a chance who will actually use the tickets and go. No charge - but it would be nice if you let me know you had a good time.
  6. I have 2 tickets to the Jets, Bucs, Panthers game! Section 112, Row 27, Seats 15-16. Tickets have $120 a piece on them, selling for $220 a set! If interested plz message me
  7. Just want to congratulate the poorer of the Season Ticket Holders (such as myself) who can't afford to pay for tickets all at once, but chose the payment plan option. I just payed my credit card bill and realized that this was the final month of the payoff! I'm sure this doesn't apply to most of you. Just glad Atlanta offers this option for people like me. Can't wait for Sept 9th, but especially looking forward to the home opener against Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Monday, September 17th!
  8. Hello fans I have 8 tickets to the Falcons game this Sunday and I am unable to attend. Below is what I have. Section 217, Row 2, Seats 1-4. Verizon Club Level $475 per pair. I also have a parking pass for the Orange lot for an additional $45 Section 215, Row 2, Seats 1-4. Mezzanine Level $275 per pair. I also have a parking pass for Lot A for an additional $20 If interested email me at myatlfalcons@gmail.com Thanks and go Falcons!!!
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