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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, here is a topic that I believe will continue to come up. As Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan. Goes into his 12th year. Will he be Hall Of Fame worthy. After his career is over? Pound 4 Pound ATL J.R. Clark. Wanted to share his thoughts about it. And wants to know. Are you tired of people raising the bar? coming up with ways the Matt Ryan will have to jump through. In order to one day get that gold jacket.
  2. I really feel good about this season. Their is something in the air telling us that we could be seeing the best Falcons season ever. Here is my take on this season. NFC 2018 Regular Season Standing: Falcons 13-3 Eagles 11-5 Vikings 11-5 Rams 10-6 Saints 10-6 Packers 10-6 Wild Card: Saints @ Rams Packers @ Vikings Divisional Games: Rams @ Falcons Vikings @ Eagles NFC Championship: Eagles @ Falcons Falcons make it to Super Bowl hosted in Atlanta. They will play an exciting Jaguars team. Super Bowl Champions: Atlanta Falcons
  3. I think this will be one of the most top rated/exciting Superbowls (high TV ratings) of the decade but I see Patriots edging out Falcons. Patriots always know of a way to shut down other teams 1A players and for us, that is julio jones. Jones will likely end up with something like 9/90 and a short TD if he gets one. It will be up to Freeman and Coleman and Ryan to find other WRs to score points. While points will be scored, I have my doubts as to whether the Falcons can score at a faster pace than the Patriots can. Sure we contained the Packers but a Nelson coming off injury, and lack
  4. I've been a Falcons fan all of my life, but I just wanted to start a thread on how the Falcons got here and try and share some past videos about the subject. I must say, I sure wish there was a link to some of the old "FREDDY COUGH COUGH MAC SHOW" Videos we used to be able to see. Those were AWESOME! If they are available to watch here at Atlantafalcons.com I just don't see them anywhere. This is an appreciation thread through video idea is what I am getting at to share and let others see how the Falcons got here from the start. Here's an OLD SCHOOL video I found that I though
  5. Just thought I would start a thread about how the Patriots might possibly beat the Falcons, OR, how the Falcons might possibly beat the Patriots. For one thing, in my opinion I think scoring first and quickly will be essential for the Falcons, because if they do that they will make the Patriots one dimensional, meaning they will be forced to have to try and play catch up. So I hope the Falcons opt to take the ball force to prove that point or option. On the flip side, the thing is, if the Patriots get the ball first, and slowly go down the field with a short passing game and
  6. Spanning the Globe... To Bring you the constant variety of Sport... The Trill of Victory... And the agony of defeat... The human drama of athletic competition... This is your 2016 Atlanta Falcons Season...
  7. Why can't the Falcons just WIN IT ALL? Or will they ever? This thread is all about opinions and nothing else. So please reply with your thoughts. Nothing personal toward anyone's opinions.
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