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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Mr. Blank - If Dan Quinn remains head coach after today’s game, I will not spend another second watching this team or giving you my hard-earned money. How many more games will you allow your HEAD COACH to cost your team games? After years of questionable decisions and then insanely boneheaded decisions the past two weeks — last weekend him not challenging a clear touchdown and today giving the Cowboys at extra 8 yards, which was just enough for a hooking field goal to go through the uprights — he must go. Dan Quinn seems like a nice fella but he is fully incapable of leading us to a championship. As a head coach in the National Football League, he clearly doesn’t understand the basics of football…when to call time outs, how to eat clock with a lead, when to challenge and not challenge calls, etc., etc., etc. And as importantly, Coach Quinn is obviously unable to get his team ready to beat teams like Cleveland (who doesn’t beat anybody) and Dallas at home, with the entire season on the line. Do I need to go into the 28–3 lead that he wilted away in the SUPER BOWL? Nope, everyone knows that story, but since every. single. opposing. fan. constantly reminds us of that atrocious meltdown, let me remind you…Dan Quinn blew THE BIGGEST LEAD IN SUPER BOWL HISTORY. All he had to do was run three times, kick a field goal (he must have forgot that we have one of the most consistent kickers in NFL history), and the Atlanta Falcons are Super Bowl champions. Yep, the basics. You do realize that Falcon fans will never live this down right? Well that is unless we finally hoist that beautiful Vince Lombardi trophy. We are wasting the golden years of our Hall of Fame talent. How much longer do you think Matt and Julio will play at this level? The past few seasons we’ve lost a slew of games to teams that we should not be losing to, in pretty horrific ways. Let me ask you something…do you ever feel overly confident going into a football game? I sure don’t, even when on paper we have a more talented team. Why? Because our head coach doesn’t properly prepare this team. We are an undisciplined, unfocused bunch far too often. Sure we had injuries this year, but Dan Quinn is supposed to be a brilliant defensive mind and his defenses have looked clueless all year. Loyalty is a great quality but not when it’s to a fault. Perhaps others won’t say it but I will…you are too loyal Arthur. Where did your loyalties get you with Mike Smith? Dan Quinn is Mike Smith 2.0 to a T. He’s a good talent evaluator but a terrible head coach. Look at where Smitty is now. Out of yet another job having recently been fired in Tampa Bay. You kept that guy around for far too long and I fear the same thing happening here. I’m tired of Quinn’s bland, repetitive answers when questioned about why we lost a game. I’m tired of his clichés and empty slogans (like “In Brotherhood”). I’m tired of his lack of fire when his team does stupid $hit game in, game out. I’m tired. Actually, I’m exhausted. Being a Falcon fan is completely exhausting. My family and I have been watching this team since year one. We had season tickets up until you point when you decided to build an unneeded stadium, charge an insane amount for PSL’s (effectively pricing us out), and turn our football field into an amusement park, creating empty seats throughout leading to zero energy and fan noise. My family was able to look past that though. While sitting in our seats at NRG Stadium during halftime of the Super Bowl, my brother, father, and I, finally felt that that the 50 years of hardship were worth it. We were finally going to see our beloved team win a title. Enter Dan Quinn. But hey, at least we have $2 hot dogs. Please Mr. Blank…I’m a 42 year old man virtually begging you at this point. Please bring us a proven winner. Please bring in a coach who understands the most simple aspects of the game. Please bring us a coach who doesn’t isn’t satisfied with a small lead and who doesn’t seem to enjoy every game going down to the wire. Please bring in a coach who has that Bill Belichick killer instinct and who goes for the jugular. MY jugular, and heart, simply can’t take it anyone. The fans deserve better. The franchise deserves better. You deserve better. Please. Sincerely, A lifelong Atlanta Falcon’s fan who can’t take more losing
  2. In 2018 the Falcons are being heavily favored by the media to win the Super Bowl this year based off the way our seasons ended in 2016 and 2017, and we deserve that praise, however, that is VERY DANGEROUS at the professional level, most teams who win their first Super Bowls had a mediocre campaign the previous season and nobody believed in them coming into the season. The Falcons are getting way too much hype and it worries me. Throughout my time being a Falcons fan, our best seasons have always come when you didn't expect much from the team coming into the season, and they overachieved the expectations we had before the season went on. Look at the years we've won the division throughout our history and tell me what our records were the years before? What was the record of the 1997 Falcons and the 2015 Falcons before our Super Bowl appearances in 1998 and 2016? Why did the past 3 teams in the Super Bowl out of the NFC had a record of 8-8 or worse the previous year? Based off the preseason performances, the Panthers and Saints have shown better depth than the Falcons right now (2 teams who were 11-5 last season which were better than our Falcons). Here's all the teams 0-3 in the preseason so far. The Eagles, who just won the Super Bowl so that's understandable, and they were 6-10 in 2005 after their previous 13-3 campaign in 2004 losing the Super Bowl to the Patriots. The last time the Eagles started 0-3 in the preseason was 1999, and they were 5-11 that year. The Seahawks, who we all know have been on huge decline the last couple years and they might get worse as the Rams and 49ers become the class of the West the next few years. The Cowboys, because they are the Cowboys who are only good once in awhile. The Dolphins because that's who they usually are, always inconsistent. The Titans because they'll probably take a step back after miraculously making the playoffs as a wildcard last year at 9-7. Then of course, our Falcons. Notice how outside of the Falcons and Eagles, every other team who's 0-3 right now clearly has struggles. Bottom line, whether people want to deny this or not, teams in NFL history who have gone 2-2 or 3-1 in the preseason playing their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stringers for even amounts of time have a better chance of making the playoffs, getting to the conference championship, or getting to the Super Bowl than teams who have gone 0-4 in the preseason. No team who's gone 0-4 in the preseason has won the Super Bowl in a full 16 game season, and only 2 have been to the Super Bowl. You have the 1982 Redskins I get that, but that was a strikeout year with 6 less regular season games so that made the season chaotic. Keep in mind, the 1998 Falcons were 2-2 in the preseason while the 2016 Falcons were 3-1. I hear a lot of people saying those teams were 0-4 when that wasn't true, do your research. The preseason reveals your depth across the roster and your coaching. The Redskins and Giants' depth had no trouble beating the Jets depth, but the Falcons got shutout in New Jersey not having a single 1st down until the end of the 1st half and getting shutout. The Falcons offense did well against the Chiefs, however, the Chiefs had the 28th ranked defense last year and we still gave them their only preseason win so far in the 2nd half. The Jaguars defense was a good test for our offense and while it wasn't all on Matt Ryan, he still could have done a little bit better, and our STARTING receivers were still dropping balls and making mental errors just like last year. Our O-line is still okay but very vulnerable, can't afford any injuries whatsoever. Our D-line however, has clearly taken a step back, I saw the Jets running on us easily and so did the Jaguars with solid running backs such as Leonard Fournette. Deion Jones, Desmond Trufant, and Ricardo Allen being out shouldn't have made our D-line struggle like that. I think we should have kept at least one of Poe or Clayborn. So here's the story of the Falcons upcoming season to me, if our offense is still inept making the same mistakes as last season and our D-line takes a step back, we miss the playoffs this year. We aren't going to be as lucky as last season. Our defense carried us to the playoffs last season more than our offense unlike 2016. Don't think year 2 for Sarkisian is going to go exactly like year 2 for Shanahan, a lot of people are totally mistaken by this assumption. Shanahan in year 1 with LESS talent still had better play calling than Sark in year 1 with MORE talent, and even on the defensive side of the ball the 2017 Falcons were way better than the 2015 Falcons. I think our defense is still a year or 2 away. Get better at the interior and then we'll have veterans across our defensive roster by 2019 or 2020. The best defenses in Falcons history are 1977 and 1998, which is in a 21 year span, and 2019 is almost here, so we're getting there. A lot of people including myself have said that the Falcons have always been an even numbered season team, and I get that, but not every even year has been good for the Falcons. 2006 and 2014 weren't good, but in 2002 we did make the playoffs but we were 9-6-1. Since we've been in the NFC South, the even years we played a western division (AFC West and/or NFC West) we had double digit win seasons, usually 11 wins or 13 wins in seasons such as 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2016. However, in 2002, 2006, and 2014, we didn't play a western division and we either missed the playoffs or barely made it. The Falcons do not play a western division in 2018. The Falcons are 0-3 in the preseason so far still having execution problems on offense, D-line issues, and finishing out games. The Super Bowl is in our home stadium this year and no team has ever done that, the teams who have hosted Super Bowls have always come up short or done really bad. Matt Ryan is the highest paid QB in the league, which means he's in the top of the salary of all QB's across the league, and last time I checked, highest paid QB's tend to not play well historically (including Matt Ryan in 2013). I hope Julio Jones holding out of practice all that time doesn't affect his play throughout the season. People are saying that our window is now or never, but I disagree, I believe we will still have a shot with Matt Ryan in 2019 or 2020, even if the 2018 Falcons don't do well. If having a disappointing or absolute bust season motivates us to win a Super Bowl over the next couple of years with the media doubting us, I'd rather take that. I see a lot of holes in this current Falcons team so far. Hope they prove me wrong throughout this upcoming season. I'm just ready for Thursday Night in Philly to begin.
  3. Click on the link up here and tell me what you think? I used the NFL Playoff Predictor on I have the Falcons starting 2-3 and winning 10 straight to get to 12 wins, just like in 2002 and 2010 when we also had a long winning streak during the season playing the AFC North with the same home and away schedule as this upcoming season. As I've brought up before, our AFC North schedule matches 2010 and our NFC East schedule matches 2012. We also play the Eagles in Philly and the Cardinals at home again just like 2010, 2012, and 2016 when we won the division. I have the Saints starting 3-0 and losing 9 of their last 13 games to finish 7-9 again, because no NFC South team has ever repeated the division as champs with back to back winning records. I have the Panthers finishing 8-8 because they haven't had back to back winning seasons yet. The Buccaneers are in trouble without Jameis Winston the first 3 games. The NFC South will NOT put 3 teams in the playoffs again, it'll only be whoever wins the division again like most seasons. I have the Falcons losing in Philly and Pittsburgh again just like we did in 2010, but the Falcons still finish with a better record than both teams with the Eagles and Steelers winning their divisions at 11-5. With the Eagles winning the division again, I have all the other NFC East teams missing the playoffs again. The Giants will improve, but they won't be good enough. The Redskins are who they are, even with Alex Smith at QB I don't believe in them right now. I have the NFC West being the toughest and most exciting division in football this year with 3 teams making the playoffs. I believe the Seahawks prove doubters wrong and sneak in with Russell Wilson leading the offense with historical numbers, but they'll be a wildcard team though along with the Rams, and the 49ers are my dark horse NFC surprise of this season. Jimmy G made the 49ers legit late last season and he didn't lose a game backing up Tom Brady in 2016 either. I have the Packers starting 5-0 and missing the playoffs at 10-6 making Mike McCarthy fired from Green Bay, and the Vikings finish 10-6 too but win the head to head. The Raiders will be the surprise team of the AFC West with Jon Gruden as head coach again. The Chiefs still sneak in but have too many question marks with a young QB. The Chargers will still be the Chargers, and the Broncos despite having an upgrade at QB, won't be good enough to make the playoffs again. The AFC East still belongs to the Patriots, but their Super Bowl hangover will show when Deshaun Watson and the Texans go into New England and shock the world come playoff time. The Jaguars and Titans will get a hangover from last season, the Colts will improve with Andrew Luck healthy all year, but a fully healthy Texans team with Deshaun Watson starting will be too much for everyone in the AFC South to overcome. The Steelers are still the class of the AFC North as usual.
  4. The Buccaneers and the Eagles are the only teams who have been to the Super Bowl when the AFC North was on their schedule. No team out of the NFC playing the AFC North on their schedule has been back to the Super Bowl ever since. The Panthers and the Seahawks are the only teams who have been to the Super Bowl when the AFC South was on their schedule and each of them did it twice. The 2003 Panthers, 2005 Seahawks, 2013 Seahawks, and 2015 Panthers. From 2006-2012 (7 seasons in a row), every team out of the NFC who played in the Super Bowl played the AFC East on their schedule. That streak ended in 2013 when the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl with the AFC South on their schedule. Since the 2014 Seahawks, 3 out of the last 4 teams in the Super Bowl out of the NFC played the AFC West, including our Falcons in 2016. Since 2002, most teams out of the NFC who represented the Super Bowl played an AFC division and a NFC division going in the same direction except for the 2005 Seahawks, 2006 Bears, and 2012 49ers. What do I mean by this? Well, the 2002 Buccaneers played the AFC North and the NFC North. The 2003 Panthers played the AFC South and their own NFC South. The 2004 Eagles played the AFC North and the NFC North. The 2005 Seahawks played the AFC South and NFC East. The 2006 Bears played the AFC East and the NFC West. The 2007 Giants played the AFC East and their own NFC East. The 2008 Cardinals played the AFC East and the NFC East. The 2009 Saints played the AFC East and the NFC East. The 2010 Packers played the AFC East and the NFC East. The 2011 Giants played the AFC East and their own NFC East. The 2012 49ers played the AFC East and the NFC North. The 2013 Seahawks played the AFC South and the NFC South. The 2014 Seahawks played the AFC West and their own NFC West. The 2015 Panthers played the AFC South and their own NFC South. The 2016 Falcons played the AFC West and the NFC West. The 2017 Eagles played the AFC West and the NFC West. So coming into 2018, we know that every team out of the NFC who has represented the Super Bowl since the 2015 Panthers had a losing record the year before. It looks like the 49ers have a great chance of making it to the Super Bowl in year 2 with Shanahan and Jimmy G being the starter. The NFC West plays the AFC West this year. The 49ers also have an NFC North schedule that matches 2012, the last time they were in the Super Bowl as well. Now for NFC South stats and trends referring to the AFC divisions we've played. The Buccaneers best season came when playing the AFC North. The Saints best season came when playing the AFC East and they finally won the division for the first time in 6 years playing the AFC East last season as well. The Panthers best seasons have come when playing the AFC South (twice). The Falcons best seasons have come when playing the AFC West with 3 NFC Championship appearances, 1 Super Bowl appearance, three 11-5 records, and one 13-3 record. The Saints have never made the playoffs playing the AFC West. The Panthers usually play bad during AFC West seasons as well, except for 2008 when they were 12-4 taking the place of our 11-5 Falcons. Just like in 2013 when another 12-4 Panthers team took place of the 11-5 Saints during an AFC East season. and speaking of this, the Falcons have always played poorly during AFC East seasons, we've only made the playoffs once which was in 2017 as a wildcard and we were still 3rd in the NFC South. The AFC South seasons have usually gone to the Panthers, but the Saints had a solid year in 2011 while the Bucs last playoff trip happened in 2007. The Falcons usually play poorly during AFC South seasons too, in fact, we are the only team in the NFC South who's never won the division playing the AFC South, but we did make the playoffs in 2011 as a wildcard but it was just like 2017 when we played the AFC East. Our AFC North seasons have been randomly good or bad. We only won the division once which was in 2010 which is good. We were a wildcard in 2002. In each of those seasons we were on the road against the Steelers and Browns but at home against the Ravens and Bengals. We missed the playoffs in 2006 and 2014, which are our worst even seasons since playing in the NFC South. We were on the road against the Bengals and the Ravens but at home against the Browns and Steelers. Now check this out. In a pattern of the NFC South playing the AFC North, the Bucs won the division in 2002, the Saints won the division in 2006, the Falcons won the division in 2010, and the Panthers won the division in 2014 with a losing record. The Panthers have never had a winning record playing the AFC North actually. Finally, NFC South stats and trends referring to the NFC divisions we've played. Now this is most interesting part IMO. We've played the NFC East every 3 years since 2003. The Falcons have only made the playoffs ONCE playing the NFC East which was in 2012, but the good news is that we swept them in 2012 and 2015. Since 2003, whenever the NFC South has played the NFC East, we've always made it to at least the conference championship game. The 2003 Panthers made it to the Super Bowl. The 2006 Saints made it to the NFC Championship. The 2009 Saints (*cough* *cough*). The 2012 Falcons made it to the NFC Championship. The 2015 Panthers made it to the Super Bowl. What does this tell you? A good chance a team out of the NFC South will be back in the NFC Championship this year let alone the Super Bowl in Atlanta. The Falcons have NEVER won the division playing the NFC North, but we've made the playoffs playing the NFC North several times such as 2002, 2008, 2011, and 2017. 3 out of 4 times the Falcons won the division, we played the NFC West, something about the Falcons playing the West huh? However, it's been a pattern. 2004, 2010, and 2016, but not 2007 and 2013. Regardless of how 2018 goes for the Falcons, we will lose a lot of talented players to the free agency because of salary cap after this season. I believe the Falcons window will be 2018, 2019, and 2020. If we don't get it done after the 2020 season then I believe it's over for Matt Ryan. This upcoming 2018 the Super Bowl is in Atlanta come February 2019, but the biggest obstacle for us is knowing a team has never been to the Super Bowl in their home stadium. 2019 is an odd numbered year, an AFC South year, however, can the Falcons finally break that curse? In 2019 it'll be the first time since 2013 no team out of the NFC will be playing the AFC West and the NFC West at the same time. The NFC East plays the AFC East, but there will be no Giants/Patriots match up because Eli is getting old and so is Brady too. The run of NFC teams representing the Super Bowl with the AFC East on their schedule ended after 2012. Drew Brees will be 40 by this season. Thomas Davis and Julius Peppers will be retired. So I look at 2019 for the NFC South, and we play the AFC South (and the NFC West too), and the Falcons could have an extreme veteran shutdown defense along with a veteran offense. Matt Ryan will no longer be at the highest salary of QB's by then so that'll help his chances out by then. Pete Carroll won the Super Bowl playing the AFC South and the NFC South but lost it playing the AFC West and his own NFC West. Dan Quinn lost the Super Bowl playing the AFC West and the NFC West, but could Dan Quinn and the Falcons get in done in 2019 playing the AFC South and our own NFC South division? Year 5 for Dan Quinn could be a better version of year 5 for Mike Smith? Rings a bell? The first great odd numbered season in the history of our Falcons legit happens to be the year we win the Super Bowl in our white jerseys!? If the odd numbered season curse continues with the 2019 Falcons, then we still have a chance in 2020, because the Falcons are always the class of the NFC South when playing the AFC West right? 25 years from the 1995 Braves and 4 years from the 2016 Falcons. I'll take it! But we better get it done in one of these next 3 years, that's all I gotta say.