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Found 6 results

  1. http://www.sj39.com/news/pain-no-panic/2013/09/27 I liked this part. BITTER TASTE We've had a lot of injuries as a team early this season, but you never want to use injuries as an excuse. Every team goes through it, and you just hope and pray that when some of your guys are down, the rest of the team is able to go out, take care of the opponent while you're down and get a win. Then once you come back, do so with a vengeance. We're just trying to lick our wounds and get as many guys back healthy as we can, to get the starters back on the field and pick up from where we left off. But where we have allowed ourselves to trip up and become our own worst enemies is when 10 guys are doing something right and one guy makes a mistake. That throws off a drive. When you have those things happen, it's hard to overcome. We have to learn to put out those small fires. People are going to make mistakes, but we can't have so many in a row that it gets us out of the rhythm that we're in.
  2. Taking ownership. We will get better, http://www.atlantafalcons.com/media-lounge/videos/Jackson_Using_Film_to_Improve/7649b66c-3e2a-4558-9661-054f4e5f9a23#/media-lounge/videos/Jackson_Using_Film_to_Improve/7649b66c-3e2a-4558-9661-054f4e5f9a23
  3. Here is the Steven Jackson Press Conference i hear it much better now fast forward to around 36:27 http://www.livestrea...c6-8a27aa93947f
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