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Found 4 results

  1. https://www.ajc.com/blog/further-review/falcons-sink-further-their-owner-says-changes-coming-for-now/jUDGLiKXPpJ98vAadq0PQL/ The Falcons’ Arthur Blank had just experienced his second-worst-ever moment here inside NRG Stadium. And when the team you own just had more points scored on it than in any game since 2004, when the defense “coordinated” by your head coach couldn’t have stopped a grandfather clock this day much less Deshaun Watson, that says something about just how miserable the No. 1 ordeal was. But we’ll not dredge up that 2017 Super Bowl again. That’s unnecessarily rou
  2. https://www.ajc.com/sports/falcons-ring-honor-bartkowski-resets-very-good-life-montana/brfAxs7JWIC1qR7ZTlTh5N/ The Big Hole River wends 150 miles through southwest Montana without a single dam to stop it. Left purely to its own imagination, it cleaves the land whimsically, in random twists and bends, as if its course were drawn in finger paint at the pre-K stage of creation. It is one of the world’s great water features, its banks giving way to copses of willow and cottonwood, wispy fields of wild grass, rocky outcrops that appear almost in ambush around the next
  3. http://www.myajc.com/sports/falcons-deion-jones-the-swiss-army-knife-linebacker/0c32bENlni6bLNAupRWARI/ The good news is that Deion Jones was not damaged on re-entry. He wasn’t certain how he would feel after his high-leaping end-zone interception Dec. 7, the one that nailed down the Falcons important victory over New Orleans and was punctuated by Jones taking a long, hard fall on his back. Jones won the game, but did not stick the landing, a victim of his own propulsion. He feared a lingering soreness, but was happily surprised at the beginning of a new work week when h
  4. Alex Mack, Falcons look good for one another Football By Steve Hummer - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 0  Posted: 12:00 a.m. Saturday, June 11, 2016 For the sum of his professional career, Alex Mack has served as the gateway to some truly forgettable quarterback play. Maybe Mack could have struck a blow for competence if just once he had stood upright, turned around and shouted: “Time out. This is ridiculous. If I snap the ball to you, that makes me the enabler here, an accomplice. I’m not going to do it.” Then again, you play c
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